Before he was DR. Johnny Fever on WKRO, what were some of his other alias DJ names ?

Thursday, April 19th


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It's got a morning greens drain question every morning at 730 with Jimmy teary. Call 6641 out of court I would yield figure out the answer when tickets for Floyd the deployed. Tribute chill may seventh. At the Madison overtures senator of the arts. Question this morning we're talk radio. On the radio. WK RP in Cincinnati doctor Janet fever. And a couple of other alias names before he was doctor Johnny fever. Give us a couple here and you'll win the brain strain and WOLX. Good morning W Orleans brain strain 66. Or when I before nine how are you. Herb Martin are important to rely saints WT ARP in Cincinnati. I would walk on here under but got to look. At it should really all I dig down and we don't blame you. It out of the amount deducted Johnny fever had a couple other names before he made it to. Cincinnati you remember any of those. I don't know Obama while Debbie Graham. No sir no sir thank you all think they're wild stab you know she pretty soon and the pigs the the audio let's bring in street Gloria. Excel and needs 6641949. The number you just don't we but you know all the answer to our Marines during this morning's. Studies Zion oil and leukemia otherwise it'll. These older daughter. It did well I think laudable do all we see him. At that snapped up not good date line is I think he's disappointed you've got it quickly you can all know I'm amount of labels that's what's your name. There. John Barden got although it's. The WR's. Star Johnny cool. They're Johnny fever.