Half of the men in America don't know how to do this...what?

Friday, May 25th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine WO elect seventh on the morning brings strange question this morning it surged six explore. 1949 answer correctly to with a twenty dollar Jung's gift card here's your question this morning. New research shows that. Half of the men in America. Don't know ought to do this there's your question give assurance or in win at W all LX good luck WLX rays during the warranty. Are you today good how are you. Aren't that you are so. Yeah. Pleasing the incident as well. Wow well I'm not sure where gutless ball typically mentally at large or. How do I love you already own. And we also sings with dude is in exactly the glass. And the other one thing that they are they'll have a baby. I'm he'd drop the hammer on and that is the answer is not the answer. That's totally accurate yeah I didn't care but it's cool yeah oh yeah Elton out there that can not yeah. Yeah yeah I don't that was well thought out well explained an online guy who's boss and you have a wonderful week and you lose a problem. Long we continue. WS pretty strange call 66 or wanted to put I would that you know the answer. It this far I think it's food what is your eaten and is back. He death thousands more to go ahead saying we did hear that isn't what what. Have you ever seen a guy try to sell anything. Permit my husband can feel about a guy yeah. All. Did you have to teach you or did you learn that along time ago. Should I ever went guys in my class had to take home Mac. To learn how to sell. I don't know if they even do that anymore who knows well. Good answer.