Half of children that grew up in a big city have never done this?

Wednesday, July 18th


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Does it other mentally stimulating and challenging greens stringing question it's Wisconsin's morning trivia contest. Every morning at 730 would you interior look on the morning this morning's questioned the was interesting let's listen back as you can't make any time you'd like a double eagle flex dot com. WLX good morning. In order Korea. Are good things and ask him happy to state to you. All English should be answered this brains for in this morning after the kids have a the children grew up in the big CD. Have never done this. No but now almost hope he should I thought you said but I Am Legend as a person who the onslaught of what I yeah triple. Thousand removed accounts was it probably couldn't nude and I have yeah yeah yeah kind of in the pit and it's. It's been good the league has been thinks oh my god and just a lot Jim good. You don't have to do every hey Canada to get up net net net. And dawn the mom mom and 664 when Betty Ford I have the children that grow the big CD never done this. Or score ever on the sophomore Paul. Home taught me here. A little home its local schools and Ornstein who eat it if it illustrates strangely the Todd are wondering tickets out of the kids that grow up and a big CD never done this. Climbed a tree claim to treaty. All. That's almost tennis should have such budget grew yeah it. I don't either Robby or Shia iris and interest and and yeah that reverse jam but yeah that was in his and dig and you'd climbed latrines. All thought bottle usually a conference call all right sorry yeah. I got the. Here we don't our country are under an album now there you go home knows those pine trees the latter could. Give way hundreds. Yeah there's no sap beauty sticker and you don't always jokes he. 200 articles on those they're our. Don't following more trees and things from Auckland to W illustrated strains exist or on any forward I'm for Todd run reject it sent to the children grew up in the Dixie have never done this. Yeah why. All. Who need third primetime right now are iron lob I could just sit and watch them all night. And they like to hover above volleys Devin he's field next door are most beloved Matthew hover above me he London. To learn about our clients who is the female emits that light's green to attract the mail. And I believe that she kills. Yeah maybe deserves. That at all at the boy who. It. W all I sprain strain elevator quit worrying the mortgage you'll want it up or don't give up. He wallet what do you think. Well I think any error that Moreira does not bother of the marshmallows. Yeah that's had sought yeah. Roasted marshmallows have never done Nancy who's more out of those fourteen do you imagine kitty did the F. Slickers city and seriously got up airport that we probably career. Well. Yeah they're they're a oh dear sir she when they get outs and you have to chase them there. Yeah oh my gosh boasted. Series chimp that she served. They never rose submerged like home I can't imagine growing up without Rosenberg or do that a camp where all my gosh I'd definitely ask can't imagine being adults and not a bruising isn't. I I'm I'm I'm not the typical.