The Future of NASCAR in Madison? Jim and Teri talk with Wisconsin's Own Natalie Decker

Friday, June 15th

LISTEN:  The Future of NASCAR in Madison? Jim and Teri talk with Wisconsin's Own Natalie Decker

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Her. Hi we are looking for miss Natalie Decker. There hi Natalie it's Jim and Terry from WOLX. Radio. And you have a minute to talk to us. Yeah yeah now. And say hi Jim he's sitting across the desk here from me. And look forward to seeing new leader. At the league at. Excited. I'm there. If you've been into that track before. Ray I'm mad at you I'm. So. I didn't seem as excited more than. How are good treaty new how's it going. Pretty average had a a little bad luck lately. Hopefully here and my mom hey we intend about Al. Little bit about what's been happening with you just for listeners that may hear this and don't know a whole lot about you buy it. You know they're going to be new fans after tonight so get everybody covered up what you've been dealing with us. Well we are eaten in eight. I'm really. All had an app it. We have EU. National sales we had really bad car. Now one thing go. And you know. Alone can guide. Is your family eat chips from eat eat the eagle river area. Yet. He. Only on them that there. As. Well all of that. Period won't be coming can't. While they're gonna have a busy year one how he had. No that's awesome feat and with views on some. Of I. So EE Amy is just you always have wanted to do obviously you're put it all out there. But what ever made you decide you wanted to be. A race car driver. Yeah I don't. And resolve Accra on normal it all in all the time I welcome back I'm. I told my dad ever. Culinary. So what did you start with you you said you grew up around. Other snowmobiles and of course we know eagle river so well known for the snowmobile track here but what did you start west. I I did Andre and now you know I I went out. In his. Old yeah the key is my current victim went to warmer more. Yeah. There. All. About me out there. And stack aren't. Just. You're so cute off. Just around the midwest no big deal you're high school and your racing around the midwest he didn't hold short track circuiting and that should host for tracks are. Yeah that and go early action on the public. And the and our current equipment change. She came on she might be meanwhile not yet there. He can't see him or not. At all like. Hey nick how are you gonna cry I don't think that. Straightened and medical card there waiting for her and it is that accurate monitoring some other important Ernie. Are looking. At and we can't not hole that. All of the state you go cart path. Seeing my brother re record their really fast go carts are incredibly fast so that's good that's a good started. And that married no wonder she likes to go fast. Yeah yeah. Com what sort of your plan or your goal. I have an idea in my head but I want to hear from you white. You're thinking where do you wanna go with all of deaths. Well Michael Connelly. You go to that cut. Top while the track and I don't doubt that at bat and my oh. We've not had that many women for you to tool. You know look look up to I guess Danica Patrick. And I always wanted her to do better in NASCAR than she did head. But it did you think she was a pretty great driver obviously she drove IndyCar too when she did OK there. But was she someone you knew sort of looked up to and thought well she can do this I can do this. Yeah. I was at her and it's a course or well actually in. Current cat. My land and my dad are added there are trying to irony actually a public the other. That way but like I owner partner that you know. You got there I don't act in the AP actor chuck Becker all the doctors that all they talk a good thing. Aggressive mentally alert. And there's the quote of the day thing to pick up and why doll for you. When do you qualify for the race in 92 when does all of that gets started. And I. Quote at that at okay. How you feel about your car had you had time to take any laps yet. I am actually at immaculate I hadn't gotten out racetrack. At. You can't. Nice at GM of course almost came to Janesville yesterday to home tonight let him in Paris. You know parent. How thankful. And people back. I'd that I bet it's a she because as you said you're home state girl and everybody wants to US. Wish you luck you've also met my little nephew and a sign Ninan photo that you did last year. He's for. Any do you personal photo of what you look like and then you took a picture with him. He now claims you as his girlfriend just so you know how. Or. He's very into Racine is well his dad works on a pit crew at the Sean don't track. And little Logan now says that he's he wants to go fast and he's going to be a race car driver too but now he tells everybody has your picture on his wall above his NASCAR bad debt. I. It yeah yeah you are definitely his girlfriend he makes sure everyone knows it's now at Atlanta territories in the right it's all. What you do daily to get its site operates like today or to relax and will she get. A lot of different way. Being like getting in the track the alt. We have. You know Holler at me out like. And I don't I don't and certainly I got her. Impact patient about that this didn't like I don't wanna. And play. Honest Wisconsin has produced a lot of stock car legends I think Terry or produce and I think so too were to keep our guy that I knew and now they have your phone number will be calling to check in with you. Yeah. And he stands pulling for you dynamic. It's really looking forward to. Yeah thank you can't like gosh we're honored to talk to you mentally than anything you wanna say to our listeners. I want to say thank. Heard it being my band and I hope by the Charlotte track. Awesome and go get a girl yeah go Vienna and yeah. Thanks Natalie by Dubai excellence and. He's 82. Communal thing you hear it excellent and I'm damn I'm just gonna go.