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Tuesday, April 18th


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Welcome to our men gone in the morning any time. Podcast and we're so happy to have with us. UW marching band director. Doctor Mike. The crone thank you for joining us today are all making money they make goal thanks for having me going to be burnished. I'm obviously big week ahead for you what does this time appeared signify to you. Well it signifies a lot of things you're right it's big league because it signifies the pressure of having to put all this on and haven't. Everything sort of culminated in my bank had also sort of signifies the end of the year because. When we finish up this weekend. There'll be the it's the into the sport season football season is over. It's almost commencement and so it's kind of in this tragic sad time as well because we know that it this year's is just about completed. Yeah. You have to have the opportunity to go to so many sporting events and I know I've had the opportunity to interview UN a lot of those event. You've recently don't mess to the end of the basketball. Turn and I'm just a lot of the basketball season unfortunately. Were you able to watch and again Mike was in the hospital the. Yeah I mean I had a bypass surgery and and wish I did watch but it was difficult it was probably the hardest thing of the hole. Of the whole situation because I felt like I hope. I needed to be there are wanted to be there and yet I couldn't pin and it was I think that was the hardest part of anything's because. There's a certain amount of boredom it fits into it and you have a procedure in the and then. And then not to be able to do things that you wanted to do and I got much more nervous. So watching and I did being there and being sort of more an active participant. And it's so funny because it's just always watching you interacting with the band members you guys are Shelby is he. Do you lean at what you need to do to prepare you can understand what you're saying by you know being busy and now actually just having to sit there and don't have time to think about what's really going on all the time an agreement which are fine with very. Fortunately it's. Amen can tell us more about the procedure in how does this all come about it. Well I was a bit loose. Almost an accident that I found out that I even needed it I after the bowl game. I was I was feeling a little washed out more so than usual and I felt like for a few days I thought well this is the aftermath of of the bowl game and everything go with the season but. It didn't go away in and I knew I wasn't normal flow to the doctor and the doctor suitable we want to take a couple of tests I took the second test in. Basically they said we're putting you in the hospital right now had no real preparation I had no real idea that I had any kind of of a problem with with the heart mechanism. And then they put me in the hospital him. They said we'll see whether we need to do the bypass and when I came out of the anesthesia hadn't had a cup that's still the is okay. Through it. Like this. How you feeling today I feel very good today I feel probably better than I should having gone through everything that but I think vested. We respected the doctors in the medical team I was at UW hospital boy did I get great great great attention to that. And so what in I I feel very good I can tell that I'm still not a 100% but hopefully I don't know haul ever be a 100%. I am Ali as you know she can be 200% I dare ask Jim what what is your age I'm eighty. Personally I haven't guessed myself and I don't and we didn't get New England economic historically low that's not since I think you're. So with the health and IBC. You are very happy to be back attitude rap at San ant with a band and getting ready for the show. What are you able to do what you are not able to do it or you just jumping back in the ball well. Basically I started a little slowly I started with just doing it. Of the regular band rehearsal and I started adding the other things that go with him. And right now I'd say so far is activities concern I'm probably doing everything was a few exceptions the doctors have. Put a little bit of hindrance on my more physical activities that won't let. As they're concerned that is still something could go wrong or play it by overdue so. Lifting me. Various weight series is sort of forbidden right now and they're gonna cut me out of some of my. Flight. And through the jury about how. I'll be back home is skydiving bungee jumping Terry and a duck and get very close to that. I'm serious acting and. So you usually do to fly over which the crowd goes crazy so. That's. I hit it well I'm gonna say it's going to be modified on that and I. Not completely eliminated been modified. To allow me to do what I'd like to do and and still do what the doctors say to do. She goes between what what keeps you whining to dude this year after he beat her well I. I think you may put your finger on luminous that it's the people it's it's the reaction I get from the crowd it's it's the reaction I get from the bay and it's fun basically I mean I I don't think ever had a dated. Who do university where I felt like this is. A hard job to do it's it's fun and it and edit the kids in the band keep it fun and as long as that's happening mine I'm gonna enjoy it. It for you Mike he's in that theater like us we haven't on a real job at right. You're absolutely the death finally wake upset they were afraid to wake up and have to get a real to go. In circles slash on Lilja. Will my dad was a band director for many many years and but before he died he came and watch what we do and he would you shake these kids I don't think I can't believe they pay you money to do have to agree it's definitely liked airport like the. It's on my gosh okay so what about any other highlights. Need you privately give too much away. About the upcoming show but anything that people should be relieved watching. Well no we never wanna give too much you're part of it is because we wanna keep it a seeker part of his we're still we're gonna. I've been here hot hot hot. And all right yeah. Liked that part out. Well I think fifth I think that's part of the charm of the show I really do it does a lot of extemporaneous things there are things that will happen. All three nights of the show that I don't know or gonna happen to kids who come up with a little off I might be a prank a practical joke. Some little thing that they think they can be inserted in the show it may be a mean one year. We had pizzas delivered in the middle of in the middle of the show they just and I had no idea it was coming into those kind of things happen regularly and I think it's part of what the audience expects a mean we try to keep it. If you've got news show you well know that it's this is very extemporaneous feeling and it's it's. It's fine for this state of the audience they don't know what to expect next Tuesday in many times they can tell I didn't know what was coming. Innocent look through heat what would you describe for people that on. And they either have come to the show or they've seen the marching band. Maybe not bulk what is so different about both of these aspects of what you do well. I the band. Is the band and it's the same personalities. In this so. I like for those to come out of of the marching band is much more regimented. When we what we do I mean they. We have certain. Charged in information that we have to subscribe to exactly. And that's part of what we what we try to do we try to do with a sense of exuberance with an instance of enthusiasm it. I like to think personally that a lot of bands don't get that because they get too caught up in and the absolutely military aspect of how we want them yeah we make it fun all the time. And the other part of it is one you see the band performed. Not in a concert mode there again there's a certain for military but it's. But the it's less percentage now it is more fun and I like abandon that shows its personality. And I think that's. That's what I'm trying to get these kids to do because they come in from all over the stayed all over the country really in and that there are a little bit. Inhibited perhaps. Yeah it's hard. Believe I said I received a bad but yeah but there's a certain degree of of of them being inhibited they don't want to let out and part of that is to let let that personality come out because it's there I mean these are very special kids. When. You know it's neat personalities. It summed it starts at the top. And we lobby your personalities and help well odd twist and that's a fire at a documents prior to let I did die from it and it's only like the volume like a I. We evaluated and being literally relate though we like that are just so finding. And. Home. How do you wanna business. Well that the easy answer to that is forever but. Because that's the feeling I have it's it's still something that this week it is. Brenda do. There's the realistic cancers as I've said I'm eighty years old and there's going to be a time and occurred has to come down I'm not sure when that time is I have had predicted it. My last little setback group. You start thinking about your vulnerability when you go through heart bypass surgeries started thinking. You know it is this the time to call at the end but but right now I think the absence. Gave me more momentum because I missed it so much that I wanted to wanted to get back in the saddle again so to speak. We're really well Terry's got another good sixty years. I think Mike at least early you have got. In that time that you've been doing this how much do you think things have each changed with the way he did you do things. Well. You know that's an interesting question because as I look back over there you know almost fifty years now that I. I've been doing this as I look back I see tremendous changes in terms of logistics and how we do things the the performance. For example for the bandit. We we do so much more performance and we used to. And it's at a much higher level I mean when I first came to Wisconsin. Frankly the football team wasn't very good at an end abandoned it was sort of an afterthought I think what a lot of things. So my idea was duke it was to get that level of not only from a professional standpoint. But but from a and I keep saying it to keep from a fun standpoint so that that's what we concentrated on. The so. Big changes I mean there are now the football team we expected to win we expect a basketball team again and who were expecting that hockey team to win and and those things have all happened. Over the course of the years. I think that thing that has not really changed. Is. There's all low for this university and the love and love for the stayed in that sense perhaps a little bit. Patronizing to say but. But it's real it's really true that there's there's there's a sense that that. People love the university and and it shows in. The way we perform and all the different things we do all kinds of changes I mean you drive down on campus and you won't be able to find your ways because it. It changes from. From week to week it with the face of the campus that's. Rule book that is sure he had. And it's interesting you you mentioned love of state. And I know that the past couple of years you've taken a band out on the road. With your show too and I know my parents have been northeast Wisconsin have been thrilled to be able to CU in Clinton villain in green -- NA and why did you decide that that was important to do well. It's for a lot of risk for a lot of reasons you just hit on one of a lot of people in the state don't get to see the band they hear about it and what is this. Man. What what are we talking about fifth quarter what does that mean and and when they actually see it and they can understand it I think. It's sort of a mission and I think that the university should have to sort of spread what they do and while we're doing and I I like to think we're playing pretty good music and expose people to. You're different music and I think. There's a public relations aspect of that that. That I think you never can lose sight of when you're in any kind of communication business you have to have that public relations. And then there's it's great for the kids. He goes again because state I mean they get a chance to perform for mom and bad or. Aunts and uncles and and it's gives them a chance two thirds of thought they're just a little bit and then you know. Where the tour the uniform and to it's good for confidence built. Her real confidence builder my what is. We music there's just something about music. Well. You said it died I fired endorse that kind of person that. It's interesting to you you mentioned. People people's expectations of football better be going on basketball and hockey but it. It's an interesting I think we also just assumed the band is always good to and it is well. That's the that's the blight we live with if there's an expected I talked it out of the kids all the time I would estimate that. Your problem is. They think you're better than you were because they have memories of the band perhaps at its very best and they forget the flaws that sometimes get get. In doing any performance and so you have to live up not only what you've done. But but what people thought you did and sometimes that expectation of well they're not as good as they used to be. And that may or may not be true but you have to live with that because that's going to be the expectation of a lot of people around. At a bar never drop don't you did I ever done. You've got alumni around the country that obviously support and love the band have been in the band. And that's gonna be good and and tough too because yes they recall all your daily Illini they they they figured it's never as good as it was but I was that a bad man here that all the gonna. Well that's ID is there anything he won and that I didn't ask her Jimmie anything that you went. That money at those terrorists like it's it's a I don't wanna give away too much about the spring shown Howard and it's it's it's a Beach Boys trivia we understand. There is this there's a segment and it's such a great thing about to show if you don't like what we're play and wait a minute because we're gonna we're gonna have something in their. A little bit different we've got to Beach Boys in the show we've got. We've got Lion King in the show law. But Verlander of there's no matter how much variety can you get in when Joseph would wrote what we're trying to do big band a lot of big man this year. Only really bring it to the masses with a mix of everything for everybody. Little Rock you know you get a little bit of irony in there absolutely. Give us a favorite Beach Boys song I'm curious not. Oh well. If the cookie. You know it's kind of like asking you know which when your kids to. I guess I'm asking the exciting I don't look at it era here I think that's. Com anything for new. As as we actually have this chance to really teach with the U. No. I mean what I do it is. I mean. What I do is not the best thing to do university has to offer I mean I'm I'm sort of the toy department at do you view him again at the I. Well let me but I understand it when I do is not that significant I mean we're not. Curing cancer. We're not providing your grade. Mathematical thoughts all we're doing and is entertaining. I like to think that's an important part of what any university does and I'm by and it's the only thing I know how to do so if like if I do that so I think. That's I understand that rule but I understand the rule that but I have to play and I don't I'm not begrudge him and I'm not jealous of the fact that. People don't think when I dues is significant from that standpoint but it's. But it's still fun in hand I want that to transfer we can't live our lives would you know being serious all the time I don't think. We've lived by that might. So why should be surged more than I've been. On the only ordering a lot of happiness to the world right now we need data I think more than ever and then we're not always so happy. And I have CT you must be pretty popular because as I was Google lean your name the first thing that came up he has his own Wikipedia fashion well. I've found that out recently added I'm sure I had plus yeah yeah everyone gives one of those so that's pretty nice gold mine yeah. Now what does that mean I should do then it. Someone things here and you're all right I'm sorry I'm afraid and I really didn't have my arrive before they couldn't. Who has really happened to me anonymous but well. Well case so as you kinda get ready now for the show. What do you think about in the days ahead where where does your head now. Go when you're done with your interviews with all of us and then you release does have to dive into the final preps well. The concentration. As it's guarding get closer and closer to answer the concentration is all of the music I mean. I have to against tea. I feel a little bit that I've let. The band that kind of on their own for awhile because I was gone for a little over six weeks in and so they. They I just threw them out there and said get ready and I had great assistants who worked with. Everybody to get ready but now the focus is back on let's let's clean everything up I mean it's the show is very complicated but. And I don't. Again try to. Make it sound too grandiose. But it is it's a very complicated show and the problem is during the course of the show there's really only one person. Who knows everything that's supposed to happen. And that's me unfortunately and when I say one person Emmys are people who understand the lighting there's people who understand the sound situation. There's people understand video there's people to understand. What segment musically has to go but nobody. Overseas at all and that's that's my job and so I find myself. Switching gears almost. Momentarily anytime somebody talks to me about anything. That I've got to play a big what's gonna happen no lighting here or I'm gonna have to think what's gonna happen with. With how we're gonna bring this down and ever gonna have we're gonna have to have extra loudspeakers for. For some of the singers all those things are going through your head all the time and it sounds like it's overwhelming. But because I have such good help they'll do their own job and it's all I have to do is sort of stood there and manipulate the control what you do here. Captain of the ship me any seat is. Might think Hewlett and now I guess if we wanna see the captain and the shift at all. President and don't say can. All show starts Thursday there's Brothers stayed Friday Saturday three a 3-D yeah that'd be if you got something going honors three opportunities and only cash and and I've had the opportunity and really it is do not miss find these Marley is now. The US home your clue Willem I will add an. It is. We've moved to showtime up this year called where we're at 7 o'clock this been for years and well forever we had been 730 we moved it up to 7 o'clock and in deference to people who come in from out of town treasure they're a little bit earlier and and I think the band is him. Appreciate a bit too they're looking forward to Lou earlier start time because Ito. Feel like you're wasting time waiting for that some time together to work we're gonna start earlier and and get people out sooner and and again. I think we'll have a showed July can if you don't wait a minute because you're going to be so. Yeah it's right. What how what we have been talking with my clip throne and what a pleasure thank you so much for coming my pleasure thanks for your time today. In your feet a little while I am doing a terrific well thank god I've got as opposed to what I think that as opposed well yeah we'll move. In the you know anything we missed you wanted to talk and we all know you really you really. Just drew everything I'm pretty thorough. Do pretty thorough and I don't like gear corner and I know I didn't. It. Q for. My pleasure Lilly was. Jimmy sectional for your old self.