Family Florida Winner # 3 Misha Overland 09 07 18.mp3

Friday, September 7th

LISTEN: Who are we sending to Florida this week? Jim & Teri make the call to Misha Overland of Portage!

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Earlier in your unit and the monitor on the Internet on and that. And your okay. I he went looking for me shot. Our beach. Jim and scary from a classic hits 94 point nine W a well so you. And what what do you think you wanna go to Florida. Oh. It. All that gas like you're going on and it. Opened an idea all right I mean they are made are that while it RB IR OK well now you liar. What do you think. I think all like yeah. What do they think you're gonna get to go not an airplane. The kids well how about that acts. Oh. In the background it's cute. Yeah might passable me how are you breathing or is it okay. Beach here's what she'd get you get air transportation. From here to Orlando you'll get a rental car. And you get accommodations at the Coco key hotel and water resorts. Ball. Ball like that. Are you excited. And they. Want it. Or you enemies. On what. I mean. Yeah. It. All and guess why it's. It is and your family you get to take three people with you. That I don't let you near you at all the goal. All it makes you a winner. I thought boy I know I aids. OK so meet shot here's what I need.