Enough of this will be sold this year to circle earth 13 times. What is it?

Monday, November 6th


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As against got a four point nine W Alexis go on the morning Jim and Jerry start the week off fresh. A fresh batch of brain strain questions and who'd need special K for breakfast when you have brock's. When a package of delicious. Just to fill proxies while you do that you'll qualify to win the case is loans sausage critical from Johnson still the grill Brett Favre. We will draw that winning team on Friday Caldwell this week when you win the bratwurst. Question this morning there is enough of this. To wraparound the world's good. Thirteen times and know the answer is number hours there's enough of this to wrap around the world. Thirteen times 6641. Out of 49 the number. To answer the green screen question head telling you all links you're any day since it. We'll unit is good morning don't you all his brain straight and I'll put this will be sold this year circled earth yeah. Yeah I'd want. Talk Christian assert that the. Christmas rusty. I thought I thought he. Somebody's thinking holiday inch thinking college digging in not able to do what did you not like waiting cut on what is written a happy holidays and I'll make you happy Monday is 6641 out of four night you called we picked up we're ready for your answered although this will be sold. This year to circle planner thirteen times. Did try paper titled the all that's a good logical guess steering the Afghanistan. And Teledyne and it. Not a lot of glance that it's hot hot hot yeah. Any light at all. Who was all really glad I don't know they admit it when I called Baghdad airport the logical or not. Holy law the apology you are semi aren't nice nice and all you do you do lagged it. I would always brace straight answer succeeds more when I'm not and is currently in yeah Johnson you'll Iran's involvement in the citizens lost ground. Yeah I'm the circle and her thirteen time. Problem urine and manure. Since it's it's 8888 games. Silly man and his dolls zebra week I didn't get to heat your T testy not just an asking him. Now. What do you look at big enough of those will be sold this year to circle the earth. Thirteen times. Cranberry and cream and beer ol' mom probably just get on around the Clark heard and yeah. Home. Not that I know the answers are looking at Jimmy he's just like included in the intuit and a big serving in the hungry and I. Yeah I got it. Point count European breather. Or allowing. Jim I think you just got invited over for Thanksgiving yet he had any pumpkin pies. All right now are. I don't know you never get read yeah and coming over come to an all American good morning thanks you're trying to dog always green street and also as will be sold this year to circle the earth. Thirteen times what he thinks tableau that the water bottle of water. None do not go ahead I don't know how great gas now. Don't deal ice grains straight off those diesel does your circle senator. Thirteen times better hadn't done days duct tape is the absolute correct did. A or it's just it's gotten all fancy and stuff people can use it for our multi purpose under and I knew that numerous days. Dollars and one uses I believe is what they say he's well and now and it's dec pretend different colors and patterns. Why Powell. What is her name.