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This is Madonna in the morning any time teary bar and Marshall and this year we're jam McDonald a stunt and we are thrilled because joining us. While on two war are somehow we managed to catch up with him. Doctor Matt change is joining us by phone how are you doctor faint. Terrific. Now in in case people don't know as far as your role in the band the revolution. How do you describe what you do to people who have not had a chance to actually. See the band or can't remember sadly may be what the revolution was all about. Probably. There this Fergie prince group which was sort of put together and spent and so you age. To support through well and then I I was fortunate enough to you know work with and for nearly eleven years. But. Aaron or is pretty. She orders are true yarn that true of it and you really you know we're in the others. Here. She border and an all or shoot some locals or they're responding. I was you're Norton personal bull work and primarily. She border. Duties. And it. Where where did the doctor persona and come in I have to ask you that. Well. In order beginning years ago and was looking order. Good image you know looking for her her credit. Rules seen angles status or oranges you know. Chad what are patents statement. What are we going for a year or what should we do. Wouldn't mind doing you know News Corp. thing that it was like well you need in the beginning trying to do. Different things you know obviously in doing so cutie read a lot of war power book look. At an immigrant vote. And trend vote. I love it I love it. I have dual boot so yeah you visited oh in the elderly years and then later trying it and then. He came. Period and didn't worry unloading during the purple ranger. Blob of lot Ito in flowery effort to different order and law. That you payment club. From around the world in the days ago I was Saturday that opera and. Yeah can you that would scrubs you didn't get to where any of the cool other things. Yeah Aaron it and it was important zone a role at that stuck with me girl or I'm frame. Working with the and continue salute dates yeah. It and now we're because soul. We were general. You know it up accordion guy. Going. The best I can do as propaganda pursuit but. There's the story I think it which it all many irons you probably haven't urban legend of certain folks are. Interviews. And a isn't in the early period of the bank and first year on tour. You know nineteen between 1979. Rupees at that time frame was what we were. Trainer Greg. And we did is true is true or Rome or around the country urged Clinton machine what. We're changed on tour no problem. It's some sort of manage to hurt our management company managed to them. Put on the road record which is sure that your support the I don't know but he. The marriage in room which was at a truer picture of all the fire it up or. And he would. Come on Wednesday wearing a but jails are songs which social uncle Bob Bob and oh which you may hear that you know it would yes yes. And it and at that time. My two controllers will of those. Age tale of soups. Prisoners are an older prisoners and one orange stripes. Which had all of our shelves in words you know. Revenues in the article we've dealt with asthma you know jail. Retro cool new way you. And then you know standing next to a keyboard. Estranged go our way out of a tiny and a yeah I mean and it coordinate you know that little. A black orchid stirred up what was going on my mind behind and prince. Been pretty light and you know these are products that bring order manner. I went out there as quirky you're doing and where he's been like I want one perky pretty. Little thing shallow. As we like oil while we joke around a lot of I mean I don't think I hit it very integrated and humor. And and and then when we or change came out in a gentle and open all Otto aren't. And he would the if you know it was more accurate and mine was more standard issue where there's these big soiree. It straight. Bill crow. You know it happened on the property Brokaw but and so during the bodies yet in this moment you know whenever my picture up there. And it looked really good with the listening skin and all of a sudden blow. If you don't. And we're you know we're about three shows into the tumor at this time we're in Chicago. The time in print on them in Florida nudge short our decision no pain train this program this should leaders state. Article relates. Yeah. I go why in those because we're just learned that the angels threw him on the long ball. Com but but there is that jetliner. I'm gonna happen apps you know you know along with another. Streak response plan and that's it and and I believe our heads together. Moments and one of my earlier choices before you know and I was dying art should try and didn't owe it. Further. The chills in the book to refer and it really old French or the other dudes. I was considering doctor do so yeah. Orton won't doctor look scrubs you've man she's certain. Things. Well that's working to. There hasn't really been done before let's trying to hide here Donald iron should. So confident and then you in recent Europe we don't want war or tell. Us what you are doing all. You can try everything and she went out you know or. Please brief bio. And they went through articles or in league media. All the other susteren. Need is becoming darker. And and that being. I think in the darker again but he and it will mean those. Signed her body and a prince. In order you mean even. Court your weirder. Would be kind of fun to have me. Changing on stage when I was. Being reduced in other words we're gonna put in you know behind you with on paper. Writer is abandoning. You there and try Hezbollah argue that you're gonna incursion here and you're gonna be paintings. And that's really wonder. Why you're doing that. Not. Make any sense at all that the current that they are you sure you wanna do that don't really think of yacht was doing. And I go OK in a pregnant I don't know. At that give it a shot and see what you think and the one on burger all up through organized speaks. With the introduction. And of core problem. The audience aren't you know aren't our own earth when they look at you and they don't know this is not. This was. Didn't go Buell head. In Ottawa and and those guys standing. So. He doesn't want a rare moments when prince was explorer it was so yeah. Yeah it got there is so cool we're not where what what were you pay 130 thing that you painted in particular. Not only do so I was doing there outstrip. It is Italy and what you do I lean but. What if you are doing what can you painting by Secretary General of the united. Gregory so our sport but it started of the and it would have been a work in progress. And an area house yeah yeah yeah yeah come to a show in a couple of months and see what you've reminded. Us. President and the insanity he. So all night and you realize may not such that I. She didn't you realize maybe I mean aren't all I've been you know a bit confusing for the audience. And and so. We don't know who were property and it was sort he'd he'd change and I got an idea which will lose. To. Take a picture arts. When he introduced and you know flat or up and have my little. One and sold over my head of state so old joke is poorer while I pictures of the audience. I don't think it you know I virtually. The senator Edward junior and in her room for sure I don't take a picture of the audience. There when. We look terms I don't pictures of the art agent and play now. Eight. That is so Welker got it eight. So. Or are things in the and though. I have been in staying sort of illusion. So yeah it and it's worked well for you everybody relates to a sound that is so cool I got a half an evolution of revolution. Something good. On the hot color to your. Coated doctor I think how did you find prints or how did prince bind you for you to kind of like start off together. What are these the end of the original drummer was so whoever yeah. If he he. New friends are very are you kidding you know this whole journey. Through. Chris moon. Whose duty order in Minneapolis and more studio guy independently developed. Trees are you the studio error as this recording studio. She sold by our there was some jingles worked as a drummer there. And want me. Or in the studio encrypt and given the key and to credit he met prince to a notre. And it Ayman record in the studio and from print to be buried out of order no. I think your really cool you should work here as studio album. They want in exchange for me having used a zone or for me already strong with me public you have accused in the studio and ignorant ropes here shall proceed east on B. It became a mentor for an infringement of sixteen or so and it. Made sense and finished talking. And or so Bo Obama are locked in their one day and met prince just who you are and and her prints up around the studio they'd peek into the room. And standing there are different bird outlook and probably. About the story recently saw or. So pretty you know I was just gonna look at me. Where you know what they view. And print Bloomberg earned in the time and it's about that while you're due out. And then if it. Princeton really paying bonuses well recorders or herbs will move its it and uses your mind's eye of the ground there is no way but. Minority leader mr. each other. The result long term. So Bob witnessed friends were. Going from one instrument that they are older or on problems that point keyboard and playing Dayton. Arm and city. Sitting in doing so it's. All and you know not span of about three hours and so boring in on there recordings aren't this was 40 wait a while. Who's this guy. CNET every bit better predict today. And all instruments. So. Per moon eventually throat prisons to. Own a new approaches for a man who virtually all of ad agency but we're also looking book artists in the midwest and put in bringing enlarge your name. And promote conservation as. And Bobby who had who was working for all the time this coincidentally it was really an absolute all that. So when president reduced owned owned. You know the kid really needs to be in the book. Labels not only in New York he's been you know you know. Certainly think we should. Producer really I don't own and chopped into the label does not only years of developing those and his talent. And arms over brother David who as a Trout were sort of producer recording engineer was brought and chew or she goes double edged hurts it. So all it at all influences definitely consider this those you know knew each other our own bodies and so that. Sudden success your soul of ha season. But because of human element in the same community and saint Louis park Minnesota we're only half. Decade gave over Minneapolis which also reduced but like that Al Franken. Or brokers what movie guys who moved right down the street from me I wrote he'd been goes my age we knew each other nations can. This crazy. And we went to school and other. I don't know her well known Peter homeowners that are strong it was earth. She rebel or you know either don't know I'm sorry he doesn't. OK well that's probably as these little known but me. You know had to deal with violent murders and has knowing where children you're stuck right there down. Rated name down and looked him up on FaceBook. Because he's an amazing guy great friend of mine. We grow together is Cisco years younger than me go to people. And would perk along isn't an eerie I've been caught and but I love it down in August it was part. Of the really well known journalist. Treatment. Treatment usually. And the Washington pols familiar our world he no longer true he's the most part it just sort of bigger roar article book. Minneapolis music changed well. So anyway anyway. Getting back to abrupt or Bobby I'm. Used to do fundraising events for them. Or you know those were our motto should be new coordinator. You Judy the one a year and it might. Would also. And see shall with opts op. I'm. Aren't that old you are important like your. You know. While I'm on work involved. You would be rumors and and you'll be reversing Windiz. You know band and they were playing at the time of the jaguars. And he wouldn't like eight years old I was six madam. And they were plain and his older brother David Wells is talking about what you think it will very little engineering Purdue beat them yeah. Who has even at about and yours or your children your boulder. When me and about eight or it was all the steps of three Brothers and youngest and our middle brother Steve. Is it won't know until editor. We didn't. Our European and it keeps you know. Very well known how Hollywood you know so that's really cool you know. I don't mean art but I mean I'm. I don't mess and I mean we knew each other up and we were like best friends or her apparently on April refused to agree that it may. We are grateful users see when I was in. Country and and she was you know. Stating where and what are so true to the moon really good right around an independent. As well. And my papers and was comprised of mine neighborhood kids for the poor and we did our regular gig it's twelve and a and I times. We play when a girl. Private parties are botnets for those firms gave. It twirled. I don't know it. You know and went through error and years to deal with and and then I'm just leaving right school. Don't try and no other groups that were you know where costs just midwestern states yeah. Tendon. And here's. I was just round weary years crucial and and a former politician friends. Wish I managed to get your addition of Bobby because she did become pretty social and true or rule neither man yeah so basically owned. Are you guys show earns controller roles Kate Durham. You've seen so you know kind of green. So together they care for me why aren't around and stuff you know so basically. Became prisoners. We're also has been in the beginning one record deal. Was appeared for Warner Bros. strong but what and inspired people drummer ain't. Clinton is chose to start auditioning people. Edberg but I really wanna beard of I don't wanna dispute the guys try to. Add Nokia. Well no and I don't know I don't argue. Oh you're good you know he and that's that twirling sticks around weren't flashy guy you know would complain. And I'll draw I got a bat and and all. Before I spoke. You know what the union Bob let me let me or is lower ends. We can bring drums and earnest Serbs were to stick so much jingle obstruction in the short what I can do to solve. By and I'm Bobby got done you know. State we've talking person to get you know vision. You know he went out against all the should go in the host and it doesn't isn't a hunger. And we're. And then you shouldn't prosecute you tell me trying to rest of the band members and probably should get it will bode well. They went off and Hulu or vision people who auditioned people. I think they went through a guitarist shouldn't. Well I think it's pretty clear it was pretty well because it was congress alone or Andre Anderson as you really when Lynn Ryan and I. What is his body and hit or to play and so unreal or. You've been in the beginning without. Really. Our vision are doing pretty organisms. And it's so she was on the her parent. Had Hillary been had been opened and slow certain things important people who record deal out in the they don't have tumbled together. Another and unfortunately all friends of have been globally. That I'm for the government or bowl so child is prince and when I was well thought out vision for the group. Body movement on arsenic strategically around. For years actually. Concern hey get me here in here you're here has gotten quite a demo tape for the record. To me one night one night when formula that aren't that. Quinn and Derek. What is apparently the band goes and that the its integrity play little complacent while. Now open. C'mon you guys are nineteen at the time and I descended. Hear how you know. Aren't getting into the system diagnostic. And was it. These storms are believed to traditional big star. Merck and I think directly anchor at the start of the main consultant and when you're in great reporter and others Wheaties. Oh forget it well you know because I or me. And are okay no problem is you. I knew what was going. Or the insurgents in the root problem or is it state it here another guy. Who write new rule now that you were there you'd think you were there is so great I don't mind maybe that they would they've hired him. And and then he didn't stay when it. You know in the group about sixty pounds and mom and all it was all of our LA you know. Do some work and another urged plan these more engaged can be agreed to work they're just amazed. And humans were right now let's start with. Streaming news right now. A ball. Put me playing with the pretenders and mix with the same time doing doing keyboards and so I won't name and it's the I don't know north or. That's okay. Well I'll look at a greater good if you look at. And so but but he walked away from that you won the door back up. Sure I mean if you didn't vision. And could it I don't hired insurgency. And away from Leno is just choose student reputation. Been in Indian iron spinach to dissipate into this thing in Israel. In print bureau and change. And I was more months Clinton's. In February. Gate and she truly cherished you vote days so these guys. They know that the world and are now in principle it was given Charlotte North Bergen a lot of well you're British British truck. And there and it did the other position and you know prince was funny you know you put it will throw an area when I got there and introduce meat of programs. They weren't weren't happy will be. State and its top and they were rehearsing you know due to our guns. And I'm. Oodles of musician producer of errant at all and are playing bad guys and briefly. As well for its. Whereas if you will in ninety or you don't occur noble. But in the meantime. I go there. And the first thing and as well sorted you have to learn along so blew up you know. Meaning mystery so yeah so. No I didn't learn all about little people learn. I was born and eat. It says. Those you know I didn't know so he's gonna how important wouldn't about it. And he goes well or you the personal you've worked on now out of time. It's. A little. Oh and hop hall it'll play a little you know. Chertoff if that's cool. That's not her and you know Lohan now little little bit is that he would do very. Little joke there. Parks and so. So in addition took place to work very well obviously you you know waited went about three weeks to get a handle. Intricate and teach it and those are reacting to yeah shall. So and he'd be up for like two or here we go yeah. And I don't know but I might hurt that this I was just in order. Successful career in music that is what should have been an entertainer you know and it is believed in. So. You know it took awhile. Did you know building just like anybody know financial period. It worked harder and human powers workers. My life. It in his dedication as the crowd was really. You know anyone do a lot of core of committed by I was privy to you know pretty pristine and I'll be operator were. It is about you know were anybody. And there are six are all very. Our workers know that in order restricting when it did the board Romero. Oh. He recorded it seemed via and they rejected it. And he went back to the drawing board and spent the whole another year record in new version oh wow. Yeah you know people. Owens. From members are. How it is or problems into it and we're on track the you know our New York. Critters are. And what does Portland or but he came up would have. And his brother who lives in Minneapolis was manned and that it's our corporate arena assume no. Oh yeah what about overall culture that are not they're really good. Opportunity opened an army do you should buy it wherever and review that. Turned that it doubles. It and rip it out so. Don't seventy art. And no I everybody grow our veteran players may have people or in the record. And they're doing what he's been extremely. Satisfied. With what came out of the Minneapolis saint. And for now distant number I should not from about eight. I've been playing and and you know quite easier probably with the regional artists the recorder on her record oh want to repeal term doing. Still in her view and throw computers over the region resemble Russian players grow. For anthrax. Now they've been doing that Ferraro. So angry that are on. That's really cool there's one other thing you know he only counts. Yeah. And oh and how you know. Your parent revolution is reunited. But. Apparently have earned. And it is really something at this very hurtful. His big calls. We we really at all. Hopeful that we would redirect them a point and he was beginning to warm up to the idea. Left or right at a meeting so forceful and currently. And he brought up immediately. Here we out. It's. You know she's got a quarter when you are back together and you'd think you'd you know or Bjorkman and of course where you are gonna love them. It had been you know that we were all. Interested in NAFTA is more or should spoke and so we'll follow me over the period 101520. Years and a show. He just kept putting it putting it all goes he few words you. More people want to experiment with. European PG and murdered girl or other. It was a ball men. It was warming up to it is third and considerate. And then we lost its. We feel obligated. Karen and you know really good two over for the fans say here what was continue the legacy. It is true in. The money it's about bringing it fueling thing. Truth brands from midcourt and aside. For whip it make a living from it. You know. It and we didn't want it happened perception that weird this culture to a much regret the past and we've we've kept her ticket current low yes all you out. Really you know the thing we want them to know there were out there because we want to be out your. You. To bring an fueling feelings of those kinds of fans oh our current. Couple weeks that were just been amazing. People. A puppet show reviews have been great. Stand. There are thankful to us or ingenuity as they're continuing on the way. The court. We we are talking right now attitude doctor Matt Cain key is still one of the original founding members of the revolution and how did you feel when you first walked back out on stage with some of your. Old revolution band mates I mean old as an age by you know you you were altogether for a low lying time and to get back out there together and do this minus prints and know you still had to deliver to the fans how does that feel. Well yeah. For all areas in news. In the tiebreak until order all you have that we get reunited we did you reunited through three per one. Event which you Indians and well look I went really well. Time we we considered doing more like. Or barriers of those careers were onions and in the way including mine. And then we reunited for an quo that show. Or be nervous over our association intruders in order order viewed as though he. And yeah. And in if you order. More active back. Two of the art association for. And you know the darker and everybody rated order so even we went along with. And and we rotary cart really are your friends to join us on stage with or moon. Sort of reasons. Unbeknownst to us really just sort of I don't know. Do you for giving them weapons computers that use the name revolution. Not gonna get onstage. And so of that you know what he would do great and and I think after he saw what we get. It used to these are warming up to. A reunion. We it's was thinking about so. You know getting back together doing this and really doing it in earnest I mean doing actual tour. We're in theory it's more or refine show what we've done in the past you know and so. Truly ruined and a lot of well and compete with everybody. And they're an owner Bernard remotely true we've we've never. Eric or Lorie or other. The band. In our world where groups that got along really well. During civil and order of growth. In order when prince. So. We're there was never any issues with certain members within the group. Simmering water. What a cool. Way to bring you back together what a lot of talent on that stage my goodness. He half. Every everybody's a great. Producer was two year old farmer here they're all right as we've all. There's no cars or you're so it's hope collaborating and Brady. With other people. Went in these or availability. There if their parents were both famous certain players were wrecking cruel there. Exposed and her whole. Music side been seen there and there are you know more. Hope. There are just amazing errors. You know and he winning song writers you know orders to show. And there are you know litre low treatment Peugeot and why don't I it is in short there are by agents from that right now. You know leaders around for a period shall. Bogle. You know whatever your Turkey wanted to go. What happened and so I. Grow up. And absolutely you know send out an agreement from that ordered through this sort of revolutionary era didn't. That's really cool thank you to all of you for the happy my goodness. Whose own daughter and her doctor for a new bomb won the Grammy Award in 1985 for purple rain is that may be one of armed. How would you say it I can highlight yeah one of the highlights of your career or is there something else or. Such. Here are your we are there I would period Bernard mean major part. You know girl. Yeah I know enabled them to do. Yeah and their core he had a word at all from different purpose. Called Parker yeah it clear that English. So all is great and and I I was fortunate there. You know recorded on so those arms and all right so on computer blew Princeton. Nice spewed water and I want them to me in order they're what or. There was combination of current results. When you're reading the workers around how prince's father. It was so heart rate and. Father out of school do you email and I know as as some time goes by a even though he remained friends EE you know you lose top sometimes but sound. T do you guys who miss him or herb what do you think about when it when you think back. To what you all had together can kind of what you're doing now has as a way of you know helping note farewell deal. Well it is it happened was. Extremely. Well stern was ordered. That's what you want her have been feeling who live compared assembling. Our fair you know and in battling numbers all view. There's a real well and. Oregon news you know I was sure my off certain. And I. There's even news flash. I am all for. Now that something was funny it would hurt or. That are threatened her friend who has friends within. People in me. We need power monger and print princes court whatever its. And those social they're so. I actually got news that has happened before any media. Shoes he big events mean directly. And you Europeans you were rigged it was of course yes put her on her hands on whom. Good point in his or or they go oh yeah and it just there are certain reward you're pretty. Talk to other members of the revolution or call it. Well there were grounds sounds simple and I'm. He was here with me in regional and in LA bureau calling each other or oh. And I'm here at all. So certain time we are all Stater and we immediately errors and it will immediately with a really so. Art. April 24. We're here your goat it would all are fluid and share shall go and we just happy being together. You know a lot of people are poor and urban area to our terms or. Follow. You what we're gonna do. Older you know our press sternly you're an alarm down you know just struck terror to our view together. It was part it was a split within your. We move hurt most earn over. Still ours to our opponent is one of those surreal thing where you go. Really is that he's a young you know when. Newman makes sense why you know the word partners could have been prevented ordered into the that there are no better after an hour and and also other people around and maybe I don't know try to enjoy our brain Reynolds rooted in old ruins of Kabul. Doing what these situations. You know yes so. My experience so meantime. Senator that are considered you know Billy. Again. We we all vote currents up and equally you know and she looked. And we know that they'll. And Byron you know him just spending grew. They don't need you should expert I don't know people remember. I. Former years were. Which just spend. And and wounded members group of the year and PG. Knew our average. Yeah yeah yeah that's a fact that. It. What at what I'll grow it. It and it sounds like. Your your past at least right now on this tour. In dealing with fans and everything year in Europe a little past the sad part and it sounds like you just have an a good time plane where it. Friends that obviously you all appreciate each other so much. That's correct we error or target agreed. Stolen in. There's over India's you know turned pro when you're in we do that saw him sometimes and so they Malik Nadal yeah. No matter one borrowing or you know it's still. Pretty raw. And punch Bruno. Well you know we don't you birds yeah so. I I just I wanna thank you for being out there and down you know we we gave tickets are ways to listeners for the Madison show that's coming up on Friday. And I can even tell you how many squeals of delight staff that's happy we had every time someone realized they were getting this opportunity to seize the revolution so I know it's going to be a hearing Sharon. He's or where awesome. Well like I guess we got to let you go Albright while I inherent problem I cannot thank you enough. I I I still gotta say it doctor Efrain I know that. You so cool about you Doctor King case that. Not only are you a great musician by from all he said I can see. And I I guess I never really saw this before you're really great humanitarian. Yeah and in what you're doing now especially. In the past as an ambassador to music and being able to connect with people but especially now after the loss of prints. It really is something I can hear your voice fact that compassion and passion it's really wonderful to hear thank you yeah. Here but you're you're you know that's your right thank you we were out here. To bring you know pure and everywhere here grandstands. Sorry guys. Well think again think Hughes Sarah. Thank you so while I appreciate all your time this morning and at it thank you again my house Friday ad definitely yet.