Douglas Stearns discusses the Great Pyramid and resonance

Tuesday, January 23rd

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Douglas Stearns about his books that were influenced by theories regarding the Great Pyramid - it's origin and its real builders. The Great Pyramid is a marvel of technology that could not be replicated today - even with our modern technology and building equipment. 1/23/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Yeah west coasters and a spokesman hand stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality radio myself Jason Hawes and the always some achieve each are so I'm fruity doubled up and I'm ready to go. Our hero and that's a pretty troubles which is Mike source of energy as we get ready do the show I didn't go coffee as the number I do that the tremendous Freddie couples thank you supposed to do that mainly in the morning this occasion sugar union probably not a midnight oil and effervescent don't take some. I don't wouldn't be familiar to. Multiple hall except we'll see how works out we've got a great show lined a free welcome embodied so of course beyond reality radio and talking with Douglas stern sees the author. Of a series of books. That were inspired by the mysteries of the great pyramid of geezer camera talk about those books. And standardized tuning in how that relates to the pyramid and all sorts of pretty interesting connections and I'm anxious to have this conversation only. The priest sings with the term it's to sell and be interesting and actually get into the apple we got a great weekend. And tomorrow and talk to Gary beets researcher and you apologist won't be. And intrusion. It's a masking an exception. Not a movie. And a loss he talking steal all New York Times best selling author. So and then Wednesday were with Kevin mallet colonel historian and you apologist and we'll be discussing northern Wisconsin colonel societies. Well almost goes arm arm where talking crypto zoology demon Knology you name it everything else. Yeah a lot of great stuff coming up some excited to do that. I also remind folks to stop by the web site because our guest tonight has actually in the chat room. And he's participating in the chat I think he's probably gonna have to split is attention a little bit want to print them on air here but judge go to the website if you don't have the gap and to jump on the chat room law again and join the chat lot of great conversation going on there. If you've got the app you've got access to a very very simply to step find it is part of the app you can now chat right there. Makes life very very easy. So a lot of crazy things that are costly coming up in the news lately. An arm and last week we it's we've spoken with somebody about what he was actually about two weeks ago we're talking about big faux weird and somebody had brought up a name of an individual who. Some of the from the footage and videos you've done he can be questionable at times. But come. Jamie somebody just filed a lawsuit. Against state California. To prove pretty much the bigfoot experts OK so it now. You do did you say what it's like it's going to file the lawsuit yes exactly. Our civil lawsuit was filed with the city California on Thursday. I Todd standing side stand personally from mom can. You know what's funny you said that just because of familiar it did sound familiar to me and I remember watching knows his documentary about big foot that's on Netflix right now. And I think even talks about taking it exactly in into the to the courts to try to get them to recognize the species. Yet all he says he intends on bringing forward overwhelming evidence to prove that SaaS clutch is indeed a species in that exists in the wilds in California. And there's a date set so we're going in with Ph.D.s in the wilderness experts beyond myself he says it. With wildlife biologist fingerprint experts were going to prove. So beyond a reasonable doubt that the species exist. An outstanding said from California. Friday morning. When we proved that. And we're successful the species will be recognized in and did as an indigenous. Wildly species and then fish and wildlife in California in Canada in the United States everywhere. We have to storage soaring almost cash California's in the United States beware how will have to start recognizing the species in studying them. Doing biological service says we can't lose how can we lose. Well it's gonna say if he ends and that's what he's saying that he is. It is it's going to be a great. A process to watch because I know that he's had a tremendous. Reaction to his document Terry with a all the footage and stuff he has there's two bit controversial. We haven't seen you should check it out on on Netflix it's there he's got footage of what he claims to be legitimate SaaS watch creatures appearing through the win. Branches. And staring at the camera it's pretty it's hard to mistake that that's exactly what it is not one of these. Grainy or blurry images it's pretty darn clear at the question is what do we really looking. Well and that's a fan. I've seen some of those images and I'm sure you want you have two of them wants in some of them really make kids have to wonder are there has been some individuals out there who. Have taken his face and and this this creature strays and superimpose them and said that he's just manipulated footage of himself by them. I don't know it's so time will tell but anyways they are being sued so it'll be interesting to to see how the lawsuit works out. Yeah again it's going to be interest in the C would evidence he brings to the table and how compelling that is a mean it's gonna take a lot for any type of court and I'm not sure what this how this process. Progresses when you're suing to have the government recognized. A species I don't know how not really sure how that works but this is something Burnett keeper nine and another we've that's wicket he's been trying to get. Todd standing on to the program to talk about. The lawsuit in his documentary all those things hopefully we'll have a chance to do that Pope who get them on here at some point soon. All right so work to cancel out. I don't want to take a break it won't we come back we're gonna bring our guests and again we're talking with Douglas Stearns tonight he's the author of a series of books. Inspired by the mysteries of the great pyramid of Giza. And tuning how does that fit in mobile find out only get back it's. On reality radio JC GB don't go away we've got to want to. 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We'll have a chance for you to join our conversation a little later in the program when we open up the phone lines are we talking with Douglas Stearns tonight he is an author. He's written a couple books guardians of the crystal skulls in children of the guardians they're part of harmonic wars series. Re going to be talking about the inspiration for that series. And part of that inspiration is the great Peerman of Jesus so well let's go right to our guests lined. A spring Douglas and hey Douglas welcome to be on reality radius to get behind us tonight. Thanks it's great to be here thanks for. Let me beat up a. So I wanna start kind of at the beginning in just give you an opportunity here to talk about yourself tells literature history you know what. What your life's path was before you actually started reading books. Awesome I was in the air force I retired in 2003. And took a job as a defense contractor for several years for. Or any IT industry. Job. So I was a project manager. And one all of her children move out. I'm married and five children we have five grandchildren two. And tea. When all of our children and moved out on their own wife set okay. Time for you to stop worker somebody else and do something for us. So IA. Retired from the IT industry. It started looking at some for something to do. And I was watching a well known. Television show that happens really good. Special on the creek expertise at. And it really inspired me and I was looking out at NASA like you know if they can't be 82 and it's just not a two accomplished nothing. That suggest that it ever watched. As I start doing some research on a wife came back to me about two months later that OK but can it do. Is that the about a write a book. And you settle into bright opposite great Kermit keys that. She's a gavel what kind of book and classical science fiction you know what it is or anything else. And you glad she's okay we'll go with a and this rich storyline started falling out and as I continue to do every search. I started singing the capability that at one point in time in our industry. There was a global society that he access to it and it just vanished. We go back and so far in our history. And things start disappearing very quickly about the 4500 year. And that's right about they say great to hear written he's. Was built by the fourth dynasty egyptians. And that just didn't make sense. And I started doing some additional research. And I started seeing that there were some similarities. Between all these ancient sites across a world. And that type of materials that they used to build these great structures. And the construction. Techniques. So they all use these giant mega with X don'ts. Of very hard material. And a site. The stones and Stonehenge. Sergeant stone the granite. And you can see yet throughout everywhere. And they're irregularly shaped but there's hardly any border. After just so tight the fit to the third locked in Clinton's. You see the same but techniques that coup scope for crude as you see it looks are each. And Angkor Wat to and it's just amazing that these continents. Separate these places and yet you can see that architectural. Influences. Aren't the same. And arms like Blanche blown away the more I researched. The bigger guy. And this story line to start a fallen out. And finally I got hold a publisher. And she agreed to. Published story. The first book that I heard working on was actually. It was just title Armonk worse. And I got to about H 800. And the publishers that stop you have your first time author and done nobody is going to have. Really want to invest this time and energy into this book. You know if you can't even prove that you you can complete the split yet. And it's a well I'm still about. Two or 300 pages off from that change yet nobody shall wanna read a thousand page both done a XL. Yeah I guess so self. I lay out without it hadn't wept with. Writing in a story to introduce. The whole story line and that's where guardians of the crystal skulls came. A set of science fiction. I can. I've included in here like you know from the great security keys. Just don't have. In shelters a lot of factual stuff you could almost say that this story is. Historical science fiction. Douglas I have to take you back a little bit because you said something that I just won a little more clarification on. He said that sound when you look back in history at about the year 4500 when the great pyramid of Pisa was built. Things disappeared. Things in our history disappeared who is specify what you're talking about there and clarified force. Okay the further you go back into history harder is to find written language news. The harder it is to understand. What happened. Things become real Dicey from a document it can't point. Out written languages disappear. Oh absolutely. It's difficult to see at that point what happened we note that the egyptians. Had thirty dynasties Utley. And they they get a really good job of identifying that lineage have been trying to pharaohs. At the book at the living in the book with the debt they kept all of these things and yet the pinnacle of a civilization. Would have been to create it's great pyramid itself. And there's no documentation on how they built. What tools to use the techniques. You know there's nothing. And the our history goes back and looks at things and says yes the great pyramid existed. And the egyptians built it and they look through these lenses. Of everybody in our past. Was primitive compared us. And the great pyramid stands out like sore thumb against that. Of for example look at. Great pyramid is perfectly aligned with four cardinal points of the compass. That is a tremendous undertaking. We have difficult these two day. Porn slab that's perfectly square. If you don't get. If you don't believe that trying to opens some squares and a quarter sure puts a shields up and arch now in up it it's difficult. But they did it too you know 4500. Years ago if we believe that that's when the great pyramid was built. The problem with that. Is that our history. Doesn't show that. A magnetic compass was even invented for the 2000 years. So how to pay perfectly aligned. With the four cardinal points the compass. What and when we do it won't look back at history I mean to. And we we sit there and think about primitive all these cultures were fun as a as a plumber myself by trade. I can tell you at the Romans had had working bathrooms there they had running Wasilla and we can tell that there's been a lot of lot of things that well dead and people have and then all the sudden with. We seem to love lost for for a long long time before we Stew which started getting backs yet there's been a lot that definitely has so. The loss in time. Are so let's stick. Quick break here and only come back we'll continue our discussion with douglas' Stearns again we're talking about his book series. Which is known as the harmonic or a series couple books already out guardians of the crystal skulls in children of the guardians were to talk about those books are gonna talk about the influences. Of the great pyramids and what it means so what is a 440 tuning mean I happen to know because a musician if you're not a musician you probably don't know what that means but. Douglas has some pretty interest in information about it so we'll level bring all that up after the break. Biscuits have no idea what that means if you haven't MA she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio FaceBook page forest and head over to be on reality radio dark comic and old Treo iPhone and android app. You can also final seasons we are across the country listen library from the sites by clicking listen libel and you listen Jason TV on unrelated. Our passports that are part of the harmonic or series plus what the inspiration for that series was and we were talking before the break about the two periods of peace and ended Douglas or wanted to have to bring you back to that because. You said as you were watching a TV show that was so there's some kind of documentary type show talking about the pyramid. You said. This is not a tomb has asked to have another purpose. What was that a realization for you because clearly there was a a tomb component of the pyramids. But you see a lot more than that don't you. Yet there's. I really don't see that it was a tune component. Aside from the fact that. Great pyramid is made this column and the rest of the two Troy also stock. There are some passages in some rooms and air but. The great committed so different from any of the doomed to we have uncovered. In all the tunes bit we found young especially ones that are untouched. There's not as square inch anywhere inside does not. Popularly decorated. They're painted there's released car and there's. Just everything's beautiful. And the sarcophagus is a auction an auction an auction every box. Is just beautifully decorated gold tools and paint and and it is it is it's gorgeous. Talk being cut to. Exhibit just recently when he came back into the United States. And that had nine separate boxes before you got down to the final. Sarcophagus with salute a body. So keen to common. And outside of each box which is beautifully decorate it even on the cases where. They found out tombs have been rated. There was some evidence. That it was bill because you can see remnants of preteens you can deceit. Broken pieces of pottery you can see some evidence is up there was an. But when they went into the great security keys in the first time. There was nothing. There's no writing on the walls now the pharaoh was good car and there's no religious striking anywhere. It just doesn't make sense that they're this was a tomb and they've never found a body in any of those main. Here. So that's why I think the first thing right off the bat of why it's not too and it was separate them. Also don't put that kind of work. Into. That it has a huge monumental allegedly has agreed Armenian. And I get it I understand there's a lot of people blows April you'd understand that they're gotten. At the end of the day put it it dead guy in the ground. And somebody is going to sit there and say. This is good enough for government work. That never happened. In regards to the great pyramid. There was this massive undertaking to move 2.3. Million dollar. And Apollo mop. These stones are all of irregular shape. They're not record of you know just you know could. Cookie cutter boxes you know put in place. The stones have irregular shapes. And they're so perfectly aligned and perfectly fit together they don't need to. Any mortar. It's open locked in place. That is incredibly difficult to build this. It in this matter. All these you Brittany shaped opt stops. And that's don't wait anywhere from two tons to 78 tons apiece and the bros granite which for seventy ton blocks. Came from off swan where 500 miles away. Now 2.3 million stones think about it this mr. You can take the blocks all of these stone blocks. Kind of in one cubic foot. Pieces. And they'll line up three force of the way. Round the world at the equator. That's helped me in massive this thing it is the base of of this pyramid is nine football fields such. At what point is good enough good enough. Well the beach chamber. Is perfectly aligned. Horizontally and vertically. So here you are 200 feet up in the air with with this bed rock of these massive stones of growth flights that. K all the irregular shapes and you're able to get it fixed up so that this chamber in the center. Is perfectly. Level at square and lump. Is that earlier we candy important a slap. You know what making it does square and yet they get it 200 feet up in the air. And sarcophagus. Inside. It's perfectly. Flat to up to 11000 cabinet to. Know why would you do that level of work just but it did guy. And it that just didn't make sense to me. Douglas so there are there are archaeologists are other scientists or anybody in the scientific community dead is reaching these same conclusions. Oh yes. Not so much about archaeologist. Says it it could be people that and think outside the box. Christopher Dunn. Is an engineer. And he's looked at. Great pyramid from an engineering standpoint. And uses it to you just put as much work it just couldn't get kind. You know the passage ways on the other events. Are perfectly fine there perfectly square. And they stayed that way throughout the whole links of the of the air that. And it's at the same exact. Level you know so. There's a tremendous amount of work. These things don't just happen by accident. But plan so you know and Egyptian. Society that you have to look at the living in the book at the dead in the all the fair rules outlined didn't you know all of this documentation. Where it plans to make this massive. Are. There they're nonexistent there's nothing in there. Do we have plans. From Egyptian culture from about the same time for any of their other monuments or construction. Or it is it all gone. Did not exist. I I haven't done that deeper free search and some of that other. Two of the other sites but there's a lot. Of information that is up this missing. That's their PM. For example. These giant boxes of granite. That. Supposedly built. Up bulls from the bullfight that they cannot. Christopher Dunn was looking at those that you saw this a video of him. And he's going you know this is this is ridiculous somebody scratched. Out some stuff on the outside of this what you need to look past that. The walls of the inside this box. Our perfect Leo Bonnie and not just. Perfectly flat up to you know 11000 of an inch with perfect squares on the inside. But they're perfectly aligned. To build walls. On the other side and it into it's like. You don't understand. How difficult it is just to make sure that the walls. Are perfectly perpendicular to each other and that the pop when it fit down. Creates a perfect square. You don't do that just a but it did bullet. They had another purpose. The problem is that we don't know these purposes art is all we have is the skeleton. Of this rich technology. That. Had to have been well beyond. What we can do even today we can't rebuild the great pyramid keys at this point. That's and that in its incredible where do you where do you think the technology came from in order to be able to do. That's one of the great mysteries. You have to look past that technology to create it and think about in terms. When it could've been created. It wasn't during the fourth dynasty. At the Egyptian. Because. You're you've got this apparent that and then every period afterwards. Is. Greed is a perfection less it it just doesn't make any steps if you. Learn how to do something. Then you. Work on improve renewed next one the next thing to do and be better. And the improve upon that and it's better that what we see. In all of the pyramids that are built in the Egyptian. Dynasties. The pyramids in the ninth dynasty. Are fallen apart and brought. You know. Did they just forget they think built his massive beautiful. Machine or whatever that it was. And you just forgot how to build. Now I can I can look at something and think over at thousands of years in the weight of something. Expressing an exterior. The weight of rocks on top Iraq's pressing each other down eventually making it almost perfectly flat surface were aware of wind and everything else. Being blasted through there. But of course when I got it comes to the inside of it that's that's a whole new. And that's a whole new set of questions. Well they've added a level of well. Complexity to it on top of that it's not a foresight appeared that there's eight sides. To the spear. So hit and their concave in upward slightly. You can only see it through. Shadows on the back not I believe this spring act up. You can see it as the sun is rising or setting. And it's just that a slight break from the tip all the way down to the base on all foresight to. And you can't tell from the ground. They'd they actually sought the apparently the first time they saw his tune or we're 21. Pilot was trying no respect while at school to pitcher. But it it's now been identified the so pars we know this is the only eight sighted parent. And in the world so. It's also the only pyramid that. The air vents extent all the way outside. Douglas. Recently a new chamber was discovered in the pyramid what are your thoughts on the on that. Well. I was looking at that. And I was really excited first off but. There's I don't know if there's anyway we get to it I know. That doesn't ministry of antiquities are set it's just you know settle. You know it's just a construction important. But this boy dispute just like 98 feet long it is nearly the size. Of the grand galleries. And I'm thinking construction for. Why would you say that when. The stone just are perfectly fit together that you know even thousands of years later. You can't slip a piece of paper between these don't so what construction point would you be talking about. NL. The key chambers still perfectly Irvine plum you know with the course with the horizon and Berkeley. So. That's just ridiculous to think that. I believe that it is something similar to what the grand gallery what is. Christopher Dunn had looked at that and said. He believes that the grand gallery was a resonating chamber. And that the great pyramid and used some type of system inside that. Did it created this massive energy from sound technology. Now that's pretty interesting. Because the subterranean chambers of the great pyramid. I have an aspect where. They have been too big ground water they just there's media. A giant. But. You can create a call program pot. Program pump what's that crime will pull water constantly without the need of any kind of attempt puddles. Program Koppel also. Have a thumping action to. So I've got this tradition. This some been action at this ramp up going down at the base that appeared at. And vibrating. All of these massive stones. I courts contents don't want to. These high court's contents don't stoop to bring Michael bell. And it particularly up indicating chamber. It would have been. A huge resonate here as it is because it has up but that. All of these. Stone. Awful wouldn't it talks these out stoned and pieces that are above their seventy tonne blocks of granite. And I think that these are two specifically. So that they would resonate harmonic. Now that Jake Vienna overture beard to music okay. So in debt and about seeing and play at the Qatar it'll play it very well it will work I heard that. Let I do seeing quite a bit still. When you have two people that are singing it. It's saying perfectly in tune. Even though it was only two voices. You can hear it harmonic frequencies come in and a third note apple appear. It's what happens on the guitar too as well. Right got Douglas amassed yet you get a hold on just for second year because we have to jump and his break relate in taking it and we'll pick this up we get back. It's beyond reality radio adjacent to. Smashing her parents her. Read her her 6877669. We're talking with Doug stern tonight about his books and about the pyramid of he decree Chernoff he's in Douglas. We've got a very very short segment here we only have about a minute. And now we're gonna get into the whole music angle than 8440 vs a 432. Of the tuning thing the residents think all that after our next after the top of the hour break but in this short. Segment we have here what did you give people an opportunity to let them know where they can find the book and find out more information about this stuff. Absolutely you can find the books right now. Specifically for the show. I have that bundle so that looks can be bought at a discount. Three bell publishing. Thought flying cart dot com if you go to my website at. Mark wars cup Blogspot dot com there's a link it back to the non. To the three L publishing site three Ellis and lady. You can go there and you concede they're flying cart dot com they've gotten. Those books bundled together. OK and I know that slick Eddie's gonna post set on our social media and in Chad as well. How's that a give people an easy way to link up to that done but when we come back we're getting into this whole music angle. And the tuning. Component of all this because it's a pretty important part of the story. All right so if you haven't you Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial FaceBook page for us. And had to be unreal he reviewed dot com we can download the free iPhone and android app chores adolescent life touchpad shows or join online chat more. Or find new degree stations we are on across the country return from the website now you have to check back to Austin on the knicks were costly updating and adding news stations. Have frequently so make sure you keep up on that. Or just listen library from the website just by clicking the listen life to have little connect you know I'm chat he can hang out TV myself immigrant community of people some short web site. He down the shore from iTunes or anywhere else just to us a favor please read it forces helps push shall foreign makes easier for a people find that's what it's all about. Are sort of take a quick break more to calm you listen Jason GB I'm gonna. Stocks. A review of myself Jason Bosnia is awesome JV Jones yet. It's great to be here and we've got to really very very interesting show talking with Douglas stern who's the author of the harmonic wars series of scifi books. Including guardians of the crystal skulls and children of the guardians who would talk to him forbid were to bring him back in just a moment. A we've got some great stuff lined up over the next few nights as well as always. Tomorrow night. We've got two different guest coming on Tuesday Gary Bates who see you follow it just still be discussing Ellie and intrusion. Unmasking a deception that's a movie that he is involved with. And Steve Altman will also join us he's in New York Times best selling author and he's the author of undisclosed. And meg those are two different books meg is about to they giant meg would done shark. If they knew that this is something you go to war and on and tonight might notice you're knocking out swimming. The Soviet will be having that conversation with that Steve Altman of course in the second part of tomorrow night's show. And then Wednesday reject Kevin mile camp colonel historian you off colleges will be discussing while will be discussing pretty much beautiful. You foes do terminology matter physics union at the list goes on and on into Thursday we've got her good friend Sloan bella. Returning she's an astrology expert and medium discussing discussing her abilities and like from the parent should last time she took calls and she was just shoots all around fun. Yeah she issues a great guest and looking forward to having her back one of our favorites of course. And again we're talking with Douglas Stearns tonight about his book series could known as a harmonic wars series. And Ted before we went to break. And actually throughout the first our of the program we're talking about done things that influenced. So Doug listed in in writing this book series primarily. The great pyramid of Giza and I have to ask you done this because before we went to break he started to bring music and resonance and notes into this discussion I want you start that conversation over because we had to kind of caught you off abruptly got. No problem before we start that. I wanna begin with two quotes from Nikola Tesla because. Tesla. Is mixed. Just completely. Connected to the great commitment and I hope I can make this what pound backs that we get with pink square whale that can't. But it says he says if you want to find that secret that the universe think in terms of energy frequency vibration. The other quote is if you only knew the magnificent. Of the 36. And nine you would have a key to the universe. Okay. The high second make in real quick between Tesla and the great Kermit is that the great security keys sits over top of a an opt for. Tech Nikola Tesla. When he was building toward clipped power to transmit. Energy. Wirelessly. He plays that power over the top put up for truth but he needs to English Channel Maine the natural earth energies. Out. And put it out through this. Sphere shaped tower at the top. My position is that the capstone. Of the great pyramid would hit them this year as well and not. Following the the confines of the slopes up to a point let you will prepare a permanent. So. Here we are. With climatic experienced dramatic experiment is the study love. Sound and how it impacts matter. And day. They push this stuff out and you can two number of us searches on YouTube and see. Well salt on any. These sheet metal. And have homes on it and that's all takes the shape of whatever frequency. Is a paean generate reports that. Or to actually. Now it's really cool because as the frequencies. Go up. Close shapes. Become more and more complex. Higher frequencies around. And this is where we start getting into. That discussion of phones and for forty. Shooting purses of 432. Not in our musical past. 402 Hertz was used. As the concert pitch. There were a number of culture pitches to be honest. 416. 430 to 435. To force 66. And what they do is. Concert pitch is eight above middle C so it's kind of like chart in the middle local piano keyboard. And who need it both ways from there. Yet eight for forty. The sound is different than it is at 8432. A 432. Has a much richer tone. And it's warm and inviting where as a 440 is not. JB do you have that file the play for the. Yet explain exactly what this is before I started. Okay. This is an example of what music sounds like at 8432. That's the beginning. Luke will appear and then the second group is the same exact. Freeze in music. Played at 440. Kirk is. OK so you can hear it here's the cut this again is the same piece of music essentially. Two different tuning so here ago. And I mean. Clearly there's a difference. Yes now it's not much of a difference numerically I mean you're talking eight cents from 440. Down to 432. But numerically. It really changes. A ton of things okay. 432. It when you look at a guitar. It really. Changes. The tuning in a guitar case and. Talk strings. Is most note on the guitar so that's eastern. At 8440. The frequency. Is 82 point 41 irks tank are the fifth string is a 110. Fourth street at 146 point 83. The next 1196. To 46 point 94 and 329. Point 623. Is this strange because the majority of these. Our fragmented they're not hole number tree and when you go to 8432. Then the number she changed dramatically. The six string is no longer 82 point 41 hurts it's 81 hurts. And the next one is a 108. And 14490. To. 243. And 344. Turks. All of those are complete. Hole number frequent cities. Now the really cool thing it's if you're into a new. Urology. Okay they like to do things like let's find a pattern. And look trying to reduce fees to their base. Single digit numbers. Then one way to do that is to add all the digits together. So I did that. This weekend just for that opportunity for the show at what I found naturally for me I'll tank. If you bad. 82 point 41 well that's 82 news eight close to stand. Foreclosed one's five and campus fight its fifteen. But it's still too egyptians and the one in five together in equal suits. Cho in two point 41 reduced to six. Remember our Tesla quote that says if you only knew the baggage and took the 36 at nine. You'd have a key to your perch. But the rest of the strings. Are much different. The fifth string. Reduce just two. Fourth string to four of the third string to seven. Second string to seven again. And the first string of five shall talk over the OK but. On 8432. Six string is nine. Fifth street is nine. The fourth string it's. The third string is three. And their remaining two strings also. Reduced to nine. So that in my opinion is is say they're real indicator that it's a trend. So you bring this full circle for us here what is the significance of what you're saying you've you've thrown a lot of information at this. What is the what is this boiled down to. Let's look back at 430 to 432 as well. It reduces to nine. And it's. It's in a reference. To harmonic frequencies and harmonic references. The harmonic residents were other. It at all. Colds and together. Now for 32. Is related to what is called the Schumann residents. Witness. All sectors name. Anyway she went out went back and he found. This earth bound residents say. And you can look him up it's anywhere from seven point eight 28 point for eight. Works that we can't hear these notes anything below twenty Hertz is typical U we can't hear. But week we can field. And if you go into the great pyramid. Christopher Dunn has already. Been able to. Identify that the natural sounds from the earth. Coming into the great pyramid. Is anywhere from two. To nine hurts. So were Brit in that Sherman. Schumer and residents range. 432. Is to is a harmonic reference. Our residents back to that Schumer and rest and that's the Earth's sound that Kurtz pitch. So. 432 just assumed. To the earth. Sat on. So this. We've got a lot my ex list let's do this let's take a break right now do we come back we'll pick this up because asserting that tied together here and down. Obviously. We've got a lot of pieces still have to bring into play here so let's let's go to break. Will pick and appointed that yet because I'm gonna have to secretary of missiles and had spent so how are you listen induced injury. It's. 67766. And I are talking to the Stearns tonight about a whole bunch of different things in Douglas we're gonna go into the phone lines quickly and grab a phone call before we don't or break. This is. Thank you I am glad to park he writes I want to ask angled so about the issue and her husband and I read on the Internet and it's been recorded as spiking. At least seventeen or up to mutual any lion. And ancient knows. Is that sits changing. Our human DNA. And is there. Elevating our conscious you know you're at higher rates. There is a lot. Information out there are on the Internet. Specifically about raising consciousness. 430. To being a lean our DNA he's clinging. Kind of sound. I don't really wanted to focus. More or less on the specifics. What was happening with the sound. And I I don't have a good grasp on. Our shock grows and our stuff along that line. It is just not something that it's. It's interesting to me it's not something that that I understand very well be their so I can't really talk will catch but let me let me say this and this. The Schumann residents. Has sort of been identified that it which created. From the lightning strikes in the atmosphere. There's a cavity. Around the ionosphere. Area. And that's where. This residents come for so it's going to fluctuate with time that it dependent upon a number of vote. Lightning strikes. And that's where does the tone is generated for. I was about a minute here we're too good or bottom of the hour break but to pick up on d.s point she said that she has read that there's so spikes. In the Schumann resonance that term approach 20/20 one which gets inducted and Hertz which gets into audible range. Have you heard the same thing. I've seen the same thing on it a number of sites yet you can. I. It's very difficult to go back through and identify what's what's real and what's not real and it's. I believe something's off because if I don't have multiple sources on it. I'm kind of leery of trusting that too much so. I'm not saying it's it's it's wrong. But. There's just not enough sources for me to validate the yup yup that's an issue. Defense DOD thanks for the song called those great questions we've got a bunch other phone calls and we'll get to a near the side of the break. Once again quickly in about thirty seconds before the break here Douglas work people get books. You can get it at three L publishing dot flying Clark dot com. Arco check out my blog at harmonic wars. Blogspot dot com and there's a link to the to buy the books from the air and as I said before there's a group being. Of books a bundle for both books and you get them on sale there. All right our phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Give us a shot she got a question for us or Douglas you listen Jason. JV I'm Dioner alien radio back. And pressure to our folks Chad appreciate people calling Oregon get your phone calls assumes we can. Our guest tonight is Douglas stern we're talking about his books guardians of the crystal skulls. And children of the guardians. Part of the harmonic wars series but. They relate to what he learned and were inspired by what he learned in went on to research. As a relates to great pyramid and you have visa and Douglas you know is in their in the words of the immortal Ricky Ricardo you got some spleen and to do here and I. Can we talk all we view brought up this whole resonance factored talking about the difference between 8440 tuning. An 8432. And half and in the brought numerology in here. Arm I wanna get to some of these phone calls that are waiting that you really need to tie this up force and tell us why this is important. This is important because for 32 Hertz is the harmonic intonation of nature. It's the sound. That art it is the harmonic resonance related to the sound that the earth naturally makes. And when we are in tune with that. We have a feeling of peace. And it that the music that's for her third two hurts. Is peaceful and it's relaxing. At 440 Hertz it's enhance. And it creates. Stress and tension. Now. There was. They push in 1939. Cute goat to standardize tuning it eight or forty. Because college orchestras all over at oh world work. At different including. And some Webb are some of these stories question it's a very difficult to tune and so they wanted to have a standardized pitch. There's a couple of countries that really pushed. For a 440 tuning the United States been blow. And they flooded the market after World War II with these. Musical instruments that were. Design to be played to date for forty. The other person. And other country that really pushed this was a Nazi party Germany. Joseph global. And so I I have to ask you was or something nefarious about it is it is user some to the manipulation factor going on I knew what what was the danger other than you know what you've explained to us at there's a natural residence at 432. Was there some kind of danger or something else that it being at 440 was was affecting. Well for forty is just harmonica with the earth. And we concede. They the effects of this overtime. People that become. A lot more hateful and you can really see it it's her you know recently you know. There are. Well dammit that's search makes sense I just wanna squeeze in some of these phone calls here quickly sure this is must see this is a different Berry from North Carolina he very welcome to show. Hello there gave me today so unhappy fact auto bureau whether. As an at night grammatical sixty. Today. And you could sit out so give Assange. Narrow zone and it or army career. It wasn't a nicer bury the nature of that he takes root I cannot salted the wound your variable questions for a Douglas. I sure they're. Talking about. Music and not my onyx. And then there was. Every rock band from from England call Emerson lake and Palmer. You have our Radovan. They were able to duplicate all of us citizens there's. Today ordered four resonance. And that as starting blitzer great pyramid of these. If you circle all the way around our current. You'll. A similar. Eight boards for her. I guess charged. And I just wonder what you had in fact about that. I tell you look there there's some really interesting stuff about this. There isn't gentleman by the name. Of Randall Carlson. And he identified. That. They're great pyramid. Was related. To the Northern Hemisphere at a ratio. Of one to 43200. They're set number 432. Yup the Northern Hemisphere. Is us. Half the earth and so half a day units score and time into this after days 43202. And that interest curious. Out one more step but it space to that is. Radiation the sun is rounded up rounded down to 432000. Model. Now. That's very interest in that you would see these types of things built in to a structure made of all these mass of Stults. I'm gonna level out you know a couple of hundred miles in L. But. It's still significant. And 432. It's also. Crucial to the number nine. I would give back to Nikola Tesla and what we mean to. That says you know I hate you. Understood that magnificence. Of the 36 and nine and you would have a key to the universe. We don't know. Apple was vessels doing what he was building at that time but. We Knoll that there was a whole lot of reputation that the government at Wendy's and what past winter result. Disappeared let's say one more quick phone call here before the break this is Vince in Missouri Vince welcome to the show. I hear Eric barker my guard your gasses by our actor and a practicing guitar or directory years. He is dead on the monitors are reluctant heroes are have certain play where many people. And there are certain there are certain. I'm hopeful buried there. When you get we're summary in the room library and you all feel and everybody doesn't want stopped playing. And now because I'm not sure what their car door and our oil we usually start or Horry. Also random people ordered to them Eric bring gel together. And charming the first guest knows where's Barbara Starr let go I'll I don't know what is one spot saw about. You know like the walls of Jericho what certain genetic and yelled the pyramids being built brick grocery armored. This shouldn't offer a lot of our people like we're talking millions and millions and many years. Great point since what do you think terms. We get out I think that dope when you look at what they did walking around the walls of Jericho they were building up. President separate building up sound. Stone should have quartz crystals in them. And that porch for maintains. Out sound can be added on top of that and eventually what they did that last seventh day it was. They started blown all their forms and they were beaten their drums and marching around and bolsters fell apart. That is the use of sound technology. And I think in our past. Our sound technology. Was much more. It faster then anything we understand today. Let's take one more home this is Brett calling from Pennsylvania he Brett welcome to the show. Welcome good morning hurry you. Should Greg and I thank you thank you thank you. Quite a crush entry on the first time caller. And I really enjoy your show on. I was wondering on. How are you. I Africa for the triple it pretty good time right in here and aren't. Written and I don't know the frequency according during the leases are likely. My machine. And a few other things that are surrounding many ROE. And in my home and also especially outside. In. All when I had a friendly ticket or are we paranormal recorder. You can cure. Accurate but it wasn't it wasn't real it's it's an old recorder so I was wondering com or would this possibly could be and how could expose it it. This might lead to something calm. So I didn't know. Rhett just to be clear are you hearing actually formed words are you just hearing tones. No wondering form work in my name that you might need meant it and our. You know and it is. Not in my head I'm not what I'm not not. Here to fight likely you're what looked like near right here well. And your raw capture this honor and a recording device. Well well it's very hard on her on this credit it's. Because REE you can you can barely hear. So. But I can. You can just hear it like like a mumble like. I was told the recorder was sold fell under water and things like this. So I was wondering about ordering or production order on line because it like it. So deep deficit it's something that's possible lightning or what we eat eat you understand what I'm saying. Now I don't yet Leo instantly you're saying and honestly it's you know there's a bunch of great record results are we use we use and recorders. Which era. Multiple. Microphone systems built on them Olympus makes some great ones resume her little expensive there's anywhere from 2500 dollars pop. Com. Yet or you can also go to taps him lean dot com and find a local taps in the group in your area we've got a bunch of them and a Siva possibly having somebody albums he was going on C you are able to help the outcomes across its offer. Live technique 200 it's like thirty hours Woodson looks like after. Yeah well yeah but years you're gonna get what you pay for and entities you got to remember it. You need decent microphones he tunnel right now external microphone on the poison to as well so. Yes it's all about the microphone I'm Bremer were out of time here so you know keep us up to date give us a call back and let us know what you find him when you end up by taps fairly dot com to find a group in your area to Tokyo yet. Well Douglas I mean that's a little bit different hearing voices is a little different than the residents were talking about we've got to a few minutes left here with you and let's kind of bring all this together because really we wanted to talk about your books and they can I try to take in the long route around here but obviously this ties into what your books are about. And if it does of my book is based on the premise that this is not that local earth. This is a colony. And because of this massive war that broke out. We forgotten where retained for. If you look right now at our society. If there was a super massive solar flare or. A nuclear war shot that break out and destroy the power. What would happen that day. How many pictures on your phone. Do you have that are not credit up somewhere. Company documents that we work on in the clout or you know we send emails back and forth you know. What is there. In the Internet that you would lose today because with the electrical grids dog you're done you lose everything. You lose everything everything I don't read on your bank account down to union every. Everything and people don't know how to do things anywhere because we could up on the Internet. It take phone numbers for. Perks apple how many phone numbers you know all I don't know my own tickets phone numbers because I just go to. You know their contact and get patent it dials form so I don't have to remember anything like it reference. And that's what happens now we just grew. And then when that it you know when that electrical grid goes out. Google it anymore so we don't know things like how to plant altitude does about a maker of food for ourselves how to make some of these supplies about fix things were nick break. We've looms that capability. And it will very quickly result in. Chaos. I mean all you have to do is go back and look at. What happened at. Hurricane Katrina. Kirk agreed not to tsunamis. All all of the different things that it happened. You concede you know a powder big spark. Blow up in Turkish and in Baltimore and people just go crazy. And when you see that I think you know that went all the electricity goes out people don't have food they don't help walker. They don't have. The capability to protect themselves they go into a hunter get interstate rather quick. And when that happens they are so focused on survival. That they forget to teach their children. And the next generation. You know this what it was like before. And then your future generations out now certain sitting around. A campfire talk in about how. Wonderful and amazing integrate god Google was and he just knew everything. I can see that happening in our future and I think that that's happened in our past and that's why 4500 years ago. We start scene. Things disappear we sixteen written languages disappear. Well. We concede if we ran out of electricity in the grid has gone. Well what happened to our written language. You know it it there's just nothing there won't be anything there. And I can see that that happened that hasn't happened and we can see places like OPEC weekly update in Turkey. Where it's Stonehenge times 25. There's 25 stoned hedges that were supposed to leak covered up. By the civilization that made them 101000 years ago. And well what were who were they. You know who did this or why did they do that is now we have all these. Fantastic questions and no answers because art history has these giant holes and and the first thing that really what it's just part with that hole is the great security keys. So. That brings it back to a book you know I try to try to explain. What this society would afloat. I don't think fit in our society the torch sources and the the ultra rich people would change their livestock. I think that they have things planned out worth they would go in case a poke. A super catastrophe. And they would continue to surprise and I think that happened in the past. And we've got evidence of these types of things that are happening we're alters. Aliens or there's you know these spaceships and issue a close these things we can't explain. Is that just does. Remnant of this. Super advanced society that once existed. Fascinating premise and actually some scary prospects there and to it's forms the foundation of the stories in your books guardians of the crystal skulls and children of the guardians or chronic or a series. Books and you do we do have a special bundle that you've offered which we have a link for an. Douglas thank you so much for joining us it's been a great and fascinating discussion look forward to having you back on the pro. Thanks outlook. Have a great night to talk to you again soon. OK don't have a great night and thank you okay so we're gonna take a break when we come tackle wrap things up it's beyond reality radio would Jayson GB yeah. Beckham showed. Johnson thanks for. Joining us everybody had to Stearns for being with us tonight and I you know when the things I wanted to bring up to Douglas and get a chance to is that. He was talking about how the pyramids were built with such precision of the great pyramid was built with such precision their that this stones locked. Without mortar did need mortar to remain stationed with the script. That's one of the things they talk about with coral castle and Florida that those stones so precise so precise and they wondered if there was an alien technology involved what to explore that some time. It is amazing excel and I got a big shout out to Douglas trend analysis tonight tomorrow night we're talking with Gary beets and Steve Holmes may sheet to an end. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us that's gonna do it for us tonight thanks to an everybody's Jason JVB unrelated real catch Sylmar. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students who didn't. So it can only the only angry news. Yeah. You know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jayson host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.