Developed in 1979 but introduced to America in the spring of 1983. What is it?

Friday, July 13th


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Should not be four point nine W I'll explain strain which my dog in the morning. I'm Jerry chase is taken off and he he's been busy weekend this afternoon move through it's fine let's Susan Levy's trivia on the old Braintree when you say okay. It was sudden developed I see no knowing that there. Yeah. I wonder what they're missing girl stuck to me anyway do you. And I don't owe him thanks for putting up and gives this feeling is developed originally in 79 the introduced. In America in the spring of 1983. When are we talking about here on. W all elects Wisconsin's morning trivia contest is the brain strain developed a 79 introduced to America in the spring it. Of 83 is who think about the easing ready for the BBC does he leak developed 79 introduced in America in the spring with. Well he's 36641. Randy Bernard for your brain straight answer. And that's a record as Saito and or you'll. I don't I don't. What do you think the answer is it was in it was developed. In 79 introduced to America in the spring of 83. I'm gonna say that Simon and being dad. I have the horror of the floor before colors duet. Sox look up they're down oh did didn't look at you and don't let that. Now I'm. I didn't go to a lot of fun for a lot of people. All MIA guy in the eighties memory there's links to bring all. All say all these travels on Friday the thirteenth America and the Braves strains 66 or what many for not develop did 79 introduced to America in the. Spring of 83 what was brain strain if you missed it were talked an eighty's technology as we get ready for the he's easy weekend chase is gonna kick that off this afternoon three audio was introduced to America in the spring or. Of 83 after being developed to seventeen I mean we learned about it in the spring of 83 in. What wasn't exactly. Yeah this yeah us. All the whole need. That long ago we had to realize have been alone now. You know leak and compact disc you really revolutionized the whole music industry needs it. Yeah yes it do you remember your first CD you ever blocked. Knoll yeah. Cartel agrees. Do you do you still buy CDs. Why not. Knoll daft so yeah it's getting hurt America's what that best buy is really did pretty much eliminated grounded a lot of places are going back to yeah. Now loans stolen from certainly and Malone voluntary. Remember your first CD. I know I bought my first we knew you would remember Jimmy The Doobie Brothers vesta the dubious and you get all of this and elvis' Christmas. Every day you are still get the ball excellent exactly but I. Runner's best Allman elvis' Christmas so it's. Include all the weird things you learn any chat with faster time to slash X let's X should excessive Wear you Collins from. Bratton. Are alarmed Arab Brad Williams playing well this morning tearing moon sure did he's a winner off to the pennant. With wizard of box tickets.