Companies spent 18 billion dollars on this last year. What was it ?

Friday, August 18th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all the links with the world famous. Got in the morning greens reader question every morning at 7:30 question this morning. Company spent eighteen billion dollars on this last year. What are they spend that kind of money correct green straight answer wins tickets for garrison Keeler the story teller. I breeze Stephens field in Madison on September 2 I was with the answer. At 6641949. In a weekend. WR like sprains strains succeeds. Or 19 point nine and number to call you DNC what do you read into this woman's question. Company spends eighteen billion dollars and decisive yeah. Pretty. They test. Play against the Braves strange sixers forward to for a lesser your gas company spent eighteen billion dollars up as lessons and was delivered. The yeah. Cult. Completely equal opportunity men and women and that it had been good at it and it alone Diener mind. According to W all experienced 86641949. Companies think ET billion on this question what they shot on 18100000000420. Water water hotter food that's a really good guesses and and it's not quite there or moved. It's. Announced. W ice pretty mainstream thanks for column this morning at 664. 109 companies that eighteen billion dollars on this. Last year where they're not sure the woman's mother and again this is yeah has it. You can really logically here is my. Where did he. Know. Is there's a literally just not quite there yet succeeds or 19490 Tiki got it figured out company spent sixteen billion on this last year when I don't think I'll. That could totally be the answer. Like guys and a. Another good guests may remember her name. Any cancer. Ole miss and so cool and zero on the right track we. He am adrenalin more remembering and wounds some kind of advertised seem. You know one commercial Williams or who do it Soledad so close I now there are teetering on the edge and into. American youth and no oh. No not on my job and good morning telling all screens train companies spent eighteen billion dollars on his plans to publish. They were driving they wanted to advertise yeah. Look employment. Paul Kelly won it yeah. I wish that was it that it's wild that's agreed gas is an episode darn close so close yeah. And W donuts green strange six explorer 19490 call with your answer but to hear from me into this question company's red. Eighteen billion on this last year what was there were error. Billboard advertising wow yeah. Oh my gosh WR screens screen 6641 ready for nonpayment companies that eighteen billion on this last year what does that make money on color oh. It sees any specific that's Jim Bunning is and I don't know. Kumble your own well it's it's like a combined total companies all you spent out above variety of companies. Newton. The whole area in England yeah in England. I thought how do you see a lot of that. A lot of those data Verizon iPhone doesn't know. How it'd. Don't feel like crazy crazy six or 100 porn on company spent foresaw this is a combined total like I want to come eighteen billion last year on on this it. Stop other guys that aren't TV sports. It's. How are you. Police felt I was you don't worry they're here. I'll thinking that was a strange fresher yeah. Answer what's what's your name getting the name you think oh boy. Strong offline California gym and I won't. We got tickets you're garrison Keeler and every Stephens coming up September a great.