CAC on Keep 'em Warm Collection

Sunday, February 4th

The Community Action Coalition's Mallory Swenson talks with Teri Barr about the items being collected for Keep 'em Warm. 


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How to keep them warm campaign running right now comments so we are collecting. Items are calling senator. Throughout Madison and so we have barrels out all throughout the city that you will be able to see. And that. Wonderful items and they'll be able to get out into the community so are specifically asking for. Some in the cold weather items. I've or Oscar asking for more staple items are calling senators always in need of things like Sox in new underwear. And gloves and boots and all of those you know more of staple items that people need you know don't always have the opportunity to get so. And our holdings and are also accepts items like professional clothing. And you know new clothing and things like that so we're always kind of asking for any of that stuff but we definitely appreciate donations that are seasonally appropriate. Neil again.