Tuesday, January 31st


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Gonna mourn military bar not just one pair movie passes for the MC theaters. My favorite theater bought five. Lot of good movies coming out this spring and summer we'll keep up with your brain straight answered this question. Tide is the two more stressful professions out there. What do you think the hour if you know all. Two way want to 194 dive for Europe restraining answer to you strains strained to hear question. Garden. All of the stock I used to professions are tied is the most stressful all we think there. Obama restaurant he noted that the all clear. Interesting governor race out. Hopefully they don't do that the same time I'll. Yeah that can be dangerous but that is not the answer but deterrent the W all ice greens drain what do you think the answer I care. T shirt tucked her in teacher. Let me just say you're halfway there all right. He had great guests WLX ray is strained to most stressful professions they are tied when are they fired. And boy treatment you don't you just mail I was gonna guess that is said police to know how to remember though those are not the top two or good guess though against the idea. I can have a great day have a good run out there W elect sprain strain what's taken. I'm air traffic controller. And we'll we'll still I heard that will are not sure I look back on and I'm in a I you know at age. But that is stress and I seemed a July yet they can't do I might as Obama as President Obama left office he got a little grayer Romans animals. They all seem data meant little stressed that don't just call that distinguished distinguishes those on those aren't the ones the good try though I don't really grounded. WLX rays straight what you think it. Sorry I think and police the earth air traffic control more. The warns the man WLX. Brain strain to more stressful professions are tied to what are they they would be your parents and teachers nurses and teachers. Hearing by George I think she's gone she tell. Is. The top to our nurses and teachers are right oh I I I've heard I think bolstered them a little underpaid for 100. In both deserve so much has sort of ignore and I. It's going to ask if you work or on a wide net that and that's why. We picked the glamorous life broadcast it here in Ontario we can do that for the the glitz the glam broadcasting you. Went five passes for the AMC theaters great that's wonderful I don't know why I wanted it Judy.