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Thursday, July 19th


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Thank you for stuff advise W all extent camera could see the brains trains posted daily this morning's questioned handled well by Christina Lee owner of Cottage Grove let's listen to the playback. Nobody likes brain strain nearly 10% a vital record buyers have this in common what is it. Your older leader there all. I'm fine and I know thinks all of Sunday. You'll 62% of the final record buyers have this in common what is. They live in the better don't we listen to just go home mom yeah I. I. Like that he mused is she didn't hit it as a deadly. Alleged brains street nearly 10% of final record buyers of this in common. And adding zinc at six. Why is it when I know one thing I tell them to look at down mr. look at the and they do that he would drag dancers they don't even have a turn to all of my god is she works at the why I have to admit I recently got some records and I we don't we can't find your turntable with you we have one but we can't (%expletive) did so I guess cents. Kind of the same assembly isn't maybe as does the work and the covers the I can't fit putted it to put it up on the wall or something yeah. I'll show me. Christie. Christie do you like album's record album. Few but I collect all I'm glad I don't complain about it. They're collectible. Now I east oh I loved that very day.