Brain Strain - July 7, 2016

Thursday, July 7th

More than half of couples do this separately. What?


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And were play and the brain strain for your chance and 25 dollars certificates. As shown garden center the questioning yes. More than half of couples say they do this separately. What I'm talking about pretty that's a big gas it's it's not right but I should do that without my wife I could probably get more a more sugar cereal into the cart. At least publicly but if I said all right it's not shopping that more than half of couples say they do this separately watts. There are under laundry that is exactly right it's the US are you married or not. Are you an idea of a girlfriend. Are. Upbeat note all right I want to ask for specifics on that but. It's it's got a funny that a guy with barely a relationship got a good couples question right. Well there you go well you know what I hear you got yourself a 25 dollar gives you to be to Jeanne garden center.