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Tuesday, November 22nd


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This is all for the holidays is classic hits 94 point nine W Olin lacks go on the morning 731. The point five degrees doubt will be 41 rainy later on a rain snow mix. It around and I'm not supposed to stick yet. Brace straight question this morning you to weigh 11949. Good for tickets at the palace theater in Wisconsin Dells. Christmas show for an of course. Miracle on 34 street star and we assume the real Santa I want from the mall you get the tickets for the show. In dinner if you answer this question with Thanksgiving just days away thought we go whether. A food question it's the only point that won't spoil. Good to know as he is set to load up the refrigerator and a few days with leftovers are the only political won't spoil your answer to anyone. 1949 for those palace theater tickets. From W on election Christmas music stands. Didn't want to. It's all about playing this class Pakistani four point nine W Alexis Dominik the Italian Christmas donkey be careful he has. He has mob connections 738. Brains trade question this morning. Look at for the only food. But does not support any good morning WR like brain strain question what's your answer. The report here. Is it to me is how can you know I wish to call a student at nibbles at. Classic it's 94 point nine WO well asks is it you. Medicis over the holidays classic it's not a four point nine W elects a guy with a cool new talk show on. Jailed 47. Coming up here with a really did Christmas songs real first our brain strain question this morning it's the only food. That will not spoil what could that be the only food. That won't spoil. It didn't have to be Thanksgiving who own knowledge to be any food what do you think I'm thinking burning EC it is honey honey. And I tell you honey we just mess with. What's her name at marred game. Kmart GI you win tickets to the palace theater it's a great Shelby miracle on thirty forestry we've seen the movie a few times. Yes I have Natalie Wood in. What do I need to see allied he had dinner to sort of on how happy. Christmas music. 94 point nine W allow blacks to.