Brain Strain Aircheck For Amber 12 02 16 .mp3

Thursday, December 1st


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Your brain straight question this morning your answer is good for the jolly good at. Variety pack eighteen cans of your favorite flavors real. Brussels Geneva Wisconsin Dells Palace Theatre miracle on 34 street for your holiday enjoyment. Plus it dinner included he can answer this morning's question as to weigh 11949. Off to the land of superheroes. You have your favorite. Which superhero drove fourteen models. To work every day. A fourteen mile commute you thought you had a bad he drove fourteen miles to work every day and didn't care about the rush hour traffic it is what you would just. Get up to move it out of his way who he was a superhero common with your answer in wind and the go on the morning wishing you good luck kid WOX. Four point nine W Alexa springs strings question this morning the superhero. Drove fourteen miles to work every day you thought you had a long commute in the morning. Fourteen miles. Who do you think. That is I know you would know Robin to Robin that you could be Batman and Robin earlier from separate. Had not often the Wisconsin Dells holiday entertainment. From the Palace Theatre miracle on 34 street plus all budget jolly good soda and holiday variety pack eighteen kinsey favorite flavors Robinette. Our debt. The holidays classic hits got a four point nine WOL execs he slept in this morning your brain strain was. Namely superhero than any fourteen mile commute to work every day. In Robin earlier I knew that she knows are superheroes. From sun prairie. There was bad man with a little sign as they tore off the bat cave fourteen miles to Gotham city. I got that shut out eight and I don't think you habitat I don't think it took longer in the bat mobile Murat.