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Thursday, April 20th


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Classic hits die four point nine W elects brain strain question we pose for you this morning. 6641 not before nine number to call you know the answer to this seven million of these seven million. Are thrown out every day seven million thrown out each and every day you know what they are. Give us a call you'll win John the Mellencamp. Concert tickets as he performs Wisconsin state fair August 4 WR like sprains strains answered every day at 6641949. Seven million of these get thrown out every day we've incurred paper letters and cards and these are this. Oh maybe over the weekend on an Easter eggs in diet and it didn't work out that is a great ask what use egg cartons for our. I admire you sort of threat no doubt he had the chicken oh yeah all the stories we've got. Send it it's a good idea man I thinks sorry it's not the right answer earnings who did it. And gritty things for the recycling tips so other holes 66. Horror want to do for nine days answer every instrument listed in the morning here which this morning is approximately seven million of these kids will only get any. You know under the total Wear plastics. The moon. So I was still mad about that soon as it once and for technical. I'm already at seventeen news at your how something. Paper plates and I think I'm. And although all all bringing up the good stuff for special gift stuff. Is like Jerry doesn't come up. You have to tell you all eggs brain strain sixth floor of 1949 approximately seven million of these tossed out. Totally wasted every day. Massive bomb. That was my guess. And unfortunately neither one of us are Kirk that's up techno. I'm glad I don't like everybody who bought them anyway. All try to you know it's just aren't any yeah I can't think for taking a stand managers look at file. Tell you all I sprains strains execs forewarned that before nine glad you called W get the right answer did it because it is seven million of these thrown out a needlessly teary every single day there are part of probably occur. The top secret call that aren't often how I'll pay to pitch is that why they are now make needed to do less everything. Beleaguered but don't need to guess I will admit jam but rather. I didn't know not. Very high and. And. I'm in my cats play with the and LeBron yeah. GT. 66 or one ID 497 million of these thrown out. Every day what do we do what are we talking about how it came out and you know people Latino race those are brutal yeah. And I always feel bad when I get those styrofoam containers and that's another and a another good guess of ports are not the one we're assertion for her but do you think. It's true thanks for your time this morning with a W garlic and you're welcome with a brain strain here good morning it's the W all likes brains street at 66419497. Million of these is. Thrown out needlessly every single day quote we saw in the aluminum and aluminum cans is not a good guest here. And now lives so true but not the right to sinks for getting in on the mainstream questions W all screens screen 6641949. The only answer that's never call seven million of these brought out every single day we think Bryant with hot stuff custom. Where am. Out of jail be more specific. Change. All my god you're so close see even more an NFL term is de Cardenas is pennies. Did hills it's. I'm. My real that seven million pennies are thrown out every day what I'm. Yeah I you I don't throw Molly. Yeah I know I I had a teacher once who wouldn't would not bend over to pick up a pain he's he was veto came because. Rules. I wouldn't put my hand how are you gonna blow in the air and they follow up from the US. And he just walked out of picked up a hundred pennies and said yeah it's been announced he can't buy a lot when I got some fun. Yeah that's what I want I'm Karen WW how they're they're young single and I can't figure it out I'd go home yeah dad did you're wrong and I January devers and we actually had to get to nail down to specifics lead. You're you're right from the start you got hits the song yeah. What do you think about going to see Mellencamp for what dominant hot hot hot pitched well I think you get to go oh yeah. I don't know what's your name. Trapped earth.