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Monday, February 27th


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Strange strange question for the sporting goes like this even with a all of our technology all around us. We all still do this on average seven times per year. You are correct brain straight answer to anyone. One sided board nine good for the family four pack of tickets for the medicine capitals Star Wars themed game. Coming up on March AWO alleged brains dreamy never ending yeah hole. The average person I don't brain still doesn't seven times for years in the we will all this technology in our lives. What do they do on seven times freer here watching her car and washing their car who now. It's injured that goes in a whole different direction but that's interesting idea I never do that anymore I'm a big fan of mr. car wash and I'm not a good. The guys do it creates value does sound. Mr. Carlisle. Sorry big surprise visit. W election. Green street and we. Rule. That crap like this. It's not right each answers we like cancers that makes a lot of sense that there are so far yet this is tough yeah I it is thanks for dry and W all screens screen corner haven't seen me full. He started to shake go to yeah. Rulers your hips so it's early yet to. Lugo who is easier him this morning thank you so much W all extreme stringing question brain straight answer please. Hi yeah I would be going to the movies cool. I do that probably more than seven times a year. Don't give me good yes we had a great you should you do the same up at WR likes green strains I play. I did you learn from non. All and I do we posed this question about a day ago I think. Like that does feel like it should it. And currently I'm frankly we ask this why did it. Average person still does this seven times per year even with a all the technology we now have. There's still doing this seven times per year on average leaving him alone I'm torn I think nearly an hour. And taken by Albert. My newspaper. Who didn't go to one that's that's not yeah that's going to do this doesn't really go adults are sort Dublin desperadoes who got. Did you get go had what what's your rather answer let's cut her a letter and sent a letter out. That was my gas and Jim immediately said you Iran started on the carpet and you have a great daily jailer Oregon has. Brain strain or do you think. And and Larry actually go ha ha ha I'm now. Eat it's not idiots that is a great answer screens screen what's your cancer don't go over. Novelists they wish. Jim and I got to Stabenow and out the answer thinks you're trying to swap that go Ku goes into food go to listen to you know. No is it can't go to raise your hand from us this morning W all elect's train strained the average person so does this seven times per year. He lord all the technologies in our lives we think it is. So well went well arm accurate I'm black and never pay millions can't prove to be wrong immediately. Yeah I'm dictionary. Indeed she and other units that's really gonna tell us where we have the smartest listeners on the planet yet because it makes its money changed the real answer could not carry. We want a multiply it real and I. They are trying to paint yeah I don't see rule you at W all elects brain strain average vs so does this seven times. Career even though we're surrounded by high tech stuff. What is the answer. I thought. Not that many other than you can hop has some great answers to this yeah I think we're gonna write down all these answers that we're sorry that's not because I won I think he would be either come up with some consolation prize the. Unless they use so much OW LX brains uranium answer for us and then all of a hitter against so I don't know. And. That you don't think that's good another good 1 this morning and we'll do that it's hard Aaron yeah. Not one we we both have headaches have to lie down after this I. You'll find me under the desk yeah there is you got to the best. After the call glob that Florida might get a W Rolex average vs still does this seven times freer with all the technology we have all the convenience we have. Hi is it finally seems channel fashion but we're still doing that when you think it is how rendered me didn't know. Now I know straight answer the horrible credence. Can move W all cherry green shirt jeans and her demeanor Bernard me oh no it's it's gotta tell the tees up. I. Are you an answer. I don't know why can't it go to the right there yeah. The clues help did you hear that notice and you know and yet uncertain about what finally put Diaz I. All right I like more than XP yeah as a title a year ago. Our it is not funny that's the average yemenite rebels saying we both love to go to the library and probably do would probably a little. The Nazi that is to prove there you know pitch for sure is hard at Pittsburgh library terrorists here. I'll tell you a legal secretary we're talking medium the go to copy things until you look up things. EE how do yet to print stuff politics and yes it you know I don't have to and now you know what is your name brilliant listener. It under my name and Jennifer.