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Monday, February 13th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Olin lacks the gun the morning with Jerry bar praise strain question this morning scorer use some tickets for the Madison symphony orchestra. Led Zeppelin salute. Coming up at the overture center on April 1 head just so bored teen years old that this was the youngest person to ever win a Grammy tell us who that is saying a win. A two way Awad one not before 9 hey good morning to you don't your lacks. Well great training camp tiny hill the whole bit well I heard that human a lot of time I don't know I met tiny Tim wants we'll look. Man as long time that you are nice guys this cannot have a Grammy winner though the good gets old man. I don't you all blacks only fourteen and youngest to. When a Grammy who loves. We'll let we have Bryan yeah. There you go home. No hesitation on your part since the and I aimed human events but you better in the day yeah. She dull as she did that coyote ugly movie song and that's the last thing I remember for years you're still out there he instilled in me and money because she's. He's at at the key to Abraham your normal thing. Cannot listen here you know I like them that's what was certainly expect courage to Chris what's your lasting and camera.