Brain Strain Aircheck From 11 17 17 .mp3

Friday, November 17th


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Medicines home for the holidays study four point nine W you'll actually started reality music. But we're sure you noticed so they holiday themed brain strain questioned in this morning. Call 6641. Honey for nine when you get this one figured out. Elvis the king Iraq and rolled it all sorts of great songs is a great Christmas songs. Almost only did one Christmas song that appeared to. On TV what was Elvis's only televised. Christmas song. Here's your brain strain perfect for. The holiday music here at W lo likes when a Dunkin' Donuts gift card 25 dollars worth the Dunkin' Donuts and coffee America runs on Duncan. They don't realize razor ordeal I would go get him out or are doing great as is is through the end. Yeah it's quotes him you knew the police had recognized great voices are. All. Lights and holiday music so far. Yes they do we'll goodwill good Ellis steal it had only one televised Christmas song had a lot of great Christmas songs on the record really did one on TV what was it. But it did advocate for. We saw was look Chris was it was the Elvis what they called the comeback special. In December of 68 I NBC television home. Rusty you don't I don't panic comeback is are we titans and a washed up is The Beatles and moats are became blazing back with the comebacks but he did that's all attended a Christmas song on TV oh okay.