What is the oldest thing you will find in your refrigerator?

Wednesday, October 18th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Alexi look on the morning brings strange question every morning at 730 with Terry barker we're gonna look scary place this morning. As negated the spirit of Halloween no less than two weeks away this is scary place the back of your refrigerator. It is the oldest staying annual flock can't. In a person's fridge. All of you know 664190. Porn on a brand new. But he bought you your trick or treat vested this morning all does sting you will find it in a person's refrigerator is our. Brain strain question AWO Alex. Rodriguez is WR what she called and. Time for the greens requested argues more in our writers did this is Jim unwound G and it's deteriorating. Don't exist I wouldn't call. I do you find someone who's the speaker Rick I would really be able most probably already did the rest yeah. All. And well known on. All you oh yeah I yeah. It's scary Halloween like you asked her ability it was scary place. Idiotic oldest I don't you'll find in the back to someone's breaks and sir Harris jury questions more and more experience. Group you can sort of taking sort of people went in the back is as opposed it. Jason within the ordinances yes it's funny but yeah well not only cool under a scary place this morning on the bracelet back to the fridge yeah. Using the oldest Saito you'll find someone's refrigerator. Glad glad to Ali. There just three good ones and will still not out. We'll keep trying good were they didn't already Colleen. Tebow looked at hand that's your mental awesome prize would you win this breezed through six explore. 100 or nine W elects classic it's got a four point nine W Alexis is downright nasty entirely Harrison is well pretty. Says that now. The city's oldest I don't you'll find in the next summer it's. Would it be intelligent and did his salad dressing why. Yeah the low. It's taken a lot of hair. When sealed singing your friend Drake bell went under. He. Great start on this one didn't want to lose something else. Resident Indians are. What's her name is Tony.