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Thursday, April 19th


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Classic hits got a four point nine W alikes with the new guy on the morning green stream question along with Terry Barr every weekday at 730. Answer these questions is six explore. One not for not doing you'll win this week you get tickets for. Pink Floyd tribute to Britain flowing to the overture center may seventh question this morning. New study shows the actress chief for these is this a little less than. Point 5% not a high tech guided at all and accuracy rating of a little under 25%. It's. Tell us what it is at 6641. Report Heidi you'll win the W Alexa greens drain we hope you do. W Alex Fraser a good morning. Are there really are probably what half Sox what he had trig and accuracy rating of just 125%. Armour all America not to there's this high gear up. Yeah yeah I thought agreed upon our 300 laggards like seventy or 80% or not. So law well we don't need these expensive whether people I don't. And what they say thanks for your yes it all pastor Rick and guess. W all I sprains strains 6641949. The number to call the talk to Terry junior who decides. On enlightening and now we know they didn't stick looks he's just not just a until it 5%. The accuracy rating on these. Let's just rocker Travis. And don't that aren't and am not a city old plantation Mercury thermometer. No that's even who now also has a higher reading no kidding hassled far farmer's almanac hidden Mercury thermometer wow merely regular little higher truck Travis. Just be careful out there ready to rock on ice bloody. You for a do. WLX brain strain 6641 hour before and I and it has an accuracy rating of just under 25%. And I cute Jack and I. Let's Albright and every. Other game against Boris is. And and WLX rays strain take you for color 6641 minute before nine questioned. This morning it has an accuracy rating of just under 25%. Paper maps. Pete sperm to permit now like Eton Matt being Matt you know like Eric street map process and a man a unanimous. Who can't lose you're saying the paper map great great land that you can pick up and it star on. Now I bet you nobody ever followed back that's what it. And no idea how bad guys you'd ever get those are things yeah experience or not who. Need you six explorer one ID 49 debris stream question this morning accuracy rating of just 125%. Scan all the men's club. I think was Jim was so shocked by your answer he didn't know not let let let's hope that it's been picked up at a. It's a little older so I never mind never right and that I'll say mine hasn't either and now they're they're wrong all the time let's just go down that. I am a dedicated Alain. WL I sprain strain question this morning and answered 664190 point nine accuracy rating for the ease of just under point 5%. It might actually written material could sit and yeah yeah earlier. On I'm an unreliable that that's. It's a blow. Yeah I think yeah. If it. A deal this creature its own mind he's deadly accuracy rating of just 125%. All wired stereo old lions two hole is a good line. Mood and Bruno are all jambalaya and that's audience comes and that's doubted that kind of sort of like tests. Kinda sort out may be in a sort of maybe like six scrambled to contact us at a look at W always bracing to get it figured out yet. I'd say we are old rabbit. Dole gravitas to a dignitary at her pregnancy she now always good to me. We now. Know how to Brooke that you could outlining her new house. Mobile. I didn't get to exile they. Could do so much the show and EU we really do to achieve this half. W homeless for its fine exit of one an overnight they haven't accuracy rating of just 125%. Okay disallowed from a ranch are currently ports. Wouldn't fortune wound cookie there. The hot Ed you CN cookie. All of the have you ever had a dream come true. Are. Yeah they make medium weight failure yeah. Progressed each summoned him to give truck right she appears poster read it and then add in bed at the end of the fortune cookie. What are the fortunes sense so then you know I would assume many people probably have good luck with that. You wanna hear a funny fortune cookie stories yes I got to Portugal he wants this and you're going to encounter a stranger. And then usual stranger. In bed and all I know you know what happened again after dinner I don't know and it won't mention the restaurant there was a cockroach in my leg. To help them. Out all of them all at zero. I was right it was a rough eight yeah I originally was I think it wasn't in bad does nothing hit it got up I will not mention the restaurant that it. I'm. What's your name crystal mr. or madam all right mr. And that's. Mr. Oz we'll get your name off the air you get to get a little blurry is certainly tickets were yet Brit operate for rocking show we hear rob Chilton who enjoy yourself.