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Tuesday, April 17th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Alexa on the morning green screen while you're. Sleeping this morning Jim and Jerry went scrounging around your house we call it what a treat people have one of these is home. Will never use its is that you'll. One of three people who have one he's in their home will never use it it's of the brain strain this 6641949. Your correct answer you'll wind. Britain Floyd tickets for the Pink Floyd tribute at the Madison overtures senator tell when a bomb may seventh WL I sprained strained orange area. Turn eight. What a treat people who have one of these home probably never gonna use it I wouldn't say a blunder I knew there. The producer who margaritas on. The world tonight. At all. Why did I watch the obvious play as my score considering margaritas at this time in the morning because I never saw her. I got us stuck on Marguerite I Margaret yeah but thanks for your guess is owned deer either raising questions exist or wanted to or not he didn't answer it is what treat people have one of these at home probably never uses. Certain. My answer has been very popular answer applies to possess no is. Now it's our school now at all I don't even Hamilton's home and wanna consider giving up and really. Cash and you won't on the advancing to hand did you see answers coming in windows Britain Floyd tickets at 6641949. W let's bring strength. Military strategy that uses more and more of three people have buddies at home. Probably never gonna use it they. Heightening our deodorant a lot of costs while I'm glad and it's our. Cash yeah. Deere thanks for not a W Rolex strange strange wanna treat people have animal will probably never use it. I'm an epic track now. I wanted to quote unquote. Unquote that of course she. Yeah it's. So long all exaggerated her clothes line. Real Madrid Milan letting it go questions. Funny that's I directly funny yes it's moon rays trailed 6641 early Florida I don't treaty malevolent normal probably never uses. Prior to. Possible yeah. A moon. Oh dear no you know what I have one I don't think I've ever used it. Hundreds if we keep reminding me up but I guess I should find it use it at least what I thank you south over the way in a World Series. Call us I want ooh yeah. All all 6641 I four I want three people have wanted to homer probably never gonna use it skit you know ran wearing landline phone. Lewd act in good hands. It is a good answer these technicals I've decided to. Thank you panel and all. WL it's pretty is or isn't good answers this morning Terry we're really good. So I think he's okay. About a quarter group Corus Group for abolishing empty very well it's no good just to. Could this is her hand and six. Irons. DB creator idea hi I'm not I don't most of become popular again and people were buying them and then you wonder did they actually use them. I do my one and sixteen year old little. Look look look it's what does it do exactly. Oh they beat me in ryazan. My young Sherlock put sub bananas and it's such as like to dried bananas that in her out really really. We may do little now is an up what do you make you like Italy used nine months I would like one but I'm afraid I won't use it at all yeah well you know getting old so I've got to do your gay all I can drag through it yeah I was that weird episode is our track really dehydrated nobody in the turned the big smiles and asks. A oh. Every village. And I think you're doing wrong yeah. There are I thought zero rich kids drugs and just look keep away from Bangladesh has apparently he. The W. Let's strange strange did you for Collins exist or want to report on what is your answer to this question one of three people who have won at home we'll probably never ever use it. I'm gonna guess a piano you know I'm gonna say that's a good he and does your talking about something with something large with legs it could could. Obama we think it. One day you'll need you The Hague at large with legs yeah. Whose moods and they said Terry I think because surprise here in this world cries out to intentions are hot hot crime doesn't go about getting up. Didn't want to treat people I want and hold we'll probably never use it's an alarm clock not on our. I wish I didn't have to use a U is wake up on my own you see it. Z as early as I wake up the latest you're strange it gets picked up at 3 AM or something and just automatically you just seem horrible. I would send it really works against me on the weekends. Could I do bad it's real it's a totally do well. Am I brave sir this morning was three people want a normal probably never use it. We hit my third or could there aren't Karbala. Pool table. Mom are blue and yeah. Yeah all I all of her handler. I get blocked by nature and little miniature Lionel is still on the black and I thought obstacle they've. All of us. Just didn't happen because I he's the pool table they're also not an island. Nice lady next your table for gas you know blew. Eight yeah yeah all our air here they are bell and table is I'm. All right I never would have guessed that so weighted down I carry my senior bank and a lot about and jot it down totally and all the people I don't have pool tables abusing them counts at least of that answer kind of surprises me that leads us in my little brother would. The shoot two over watched TV. Like growing up our eighth minute and we never lacked until I am one night at a truck came Laura you know what they're based reconcile sleep under appropriate unlike edit only. Oh yeah no. No bulk. And. Not any was shooting it. I don't know I don't want to he would simply oh well I see people use tables for different reasons you did very. I absolutely.