Brain Strain

Tuesday, May 16th


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The classic hits got a four point nine WR like smoke on the morning material are. World famous greens stream questioned the average person will produce fourteen. Pollen is at this in their lifetime. Fourteen pounds this produced by the average person if you know the answer to the brain strain. Call us up to 6641949. When he Jung's a garden center 25 dollar gift card. Just in time for spring and Mother's Day from WO Alex. Classic. Study four point nine W one likes to write them for the pretty straight and fifteen to amputee and questions. Person for fourteen pounds of this community. Yeah. Good are here and see I like that gaps it's not the right gaps. Like. That's very nice. Stereo outs for jeeps. So far. Yeah that's what's W all his precinct she succeeds or 198 average person. Of our listeners of course terrier every two that know the average person will produce fourteen pounds of this isn't there one. So here's what. Like to believe that. Every month the recall that on the. I don't mix it in the mid ninety WLX rays strains exit slower one before Ryan thinks up reloading a stream your brain this morning unavailable. Really good interest in the average person we'll produce over fourteen houses in the airline business but why are the. Oh. No good guess NASA's not thought it was going to be worse than we were simply don't you think you add up early and I. I'm scared of this one yes 66194. Night. The number you just call. On the average person to person will produce over fourteen confidence in their life. Explain. Possibly answer. Since college W illustrates straight sixty store one to work on the number to call. They Cuban ex marine's dream contestant. The question every personal produce over fourteen pounds of this in their lifetime about the. All new action. At this guy I think that gifts and well. All right along with a soccer. The only sprains strains 6641949. UR next to answer this question average personal produced fourteen gallons of this in their lifetime. And there's your answer. Pat yeah. He's not. He's an amazing yeah. Scary after it and I heard it it's like we're really. Glad. Pounds of deli but what that's like it up to make a pump a couple of the lost a total all of the I'll tell outlaw Billy bundling and Jim this is pleased that. The guys in the week in Canada nice vacuum cleaner attention this. The Yankees. Did they get the shark to the basic people on the phone we have. Revenue vacuum leaders into the belly button would attachments or maybe you've found your new calling him. Vacuuming Billy yeah I built it up and they do that the car wash and. All the victim is your name hairy he nearing 'cause your belly button lint sergeant that's yeah. Many times how good are good.