Brain Strain

Tuesday, May 16th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all election on the morning with Jerry dark world famous. A green screen question for this morning. As we head for a super seventies weekend this afternoon starting at three in the all weekend long. Some super seventies trivia the topic of the brain strain this morning to you name for those Walton children there was a much LaMont Durham. We'll lose Malone can you name four of them that's all we ask you to win the Barry Manilow CD the new one called this is my tone. Songs of New York includes the Barry Manilow love letter to New York city's in New York tanning guy. In some standards. Has some new materials all the closed on the new Barry Manilow CD. Your brain strain prize this morning when you're correct greens drain answer is 6641949. Yeah yeah oh my gosh yeah yeah yeah on why does want Barry Allan from her own. My gym by ducks three down. One to go. And then match. Is that right that's right cause he didn't. You do it adds. Our early stage.