Brain Strain

Friday, December 16th

Survey says- The part that men hate most about the Christmas season is...


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Mug on the morning brains rain this morning question is does survey says I don't mean this deals Steve. He posts above the Christmas season might like me who wakes up tennis sleeping and put my jeans on inside and out you're pretty Smart. First thing in the morning what's your brain straining answer our white and wives and their shopping and not not the correct answerable. When they'll probably give us in trouble so we should be careful Michael we go out side the Smart and now this is home for the holidays classic it's not a four point nine W Owens. It's holiday season makes some great. Questions are raised during this morning's. Ellison Tyler Middleton and be glad to know your prize is not a date with me under the missile tell that's a relief Bob Bob gift card from Johns garden center over point five dollars. Tickets to America in concert in Madison coming up in March Allison Tyler. You know that correct answer on the brain strain this morning granting credit wrapping presents is if.