Brain Strain

Tuesday, May 2nd


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Rolex where it's time for the world famous book on the morning greens strange question with Terry Barr. You're correct answer this morning scourge of the new O. Barry Manilow CD this is my town songs of New York. The question this morning answer it 6641949. On average we all do this. Three times per dean. There's your question what's your answer to the brain strain at WR elect's call us now. Telling you all I sprains strains it six point 149. Thanks for college students who took what you do. It do you read you some sort of that he didn't. Release special youth. I'm not in times a day especially when we're out works. I. Recall being at W all I sprain strains exist or 19 before nine TI do this on average three times per game. There are. How us geeks you know he's saying that's not. How much I could net big guest so sorry about that oh my god not the green straight answers are to. Half old QW always great strain call 664190. The incident. Whenever we do this three times pretty pain. It's. That would be a bit that's actually a great error that should be incorrect yeah. Exactly I can't about the war and they and times mistakes returns. W on us very strained policy seems more one night when he heads to the question we do this on average three times a day. Are you wash our hands we would hope for a Terry Powell at least yes. Another good guess here this morning on the greens are none of you who WR like sprain strains succeeds for 100 porn are an amber yeah. Or do this three times for me each and every conference aren't. Lose some of us cannot. Others like us and I just lost our minds right. Surely we got here yeah. Oh man. Are on these greens are decent 641 before not on average we all do this three times per day. How our our our tire issues aren't permanent side tie your shoes Julie Hong that is per. Could it did you guess stats sheet and I know I've got one right here right that they dirty ground are hired Joseph didn't do our club not. So ice and is legit. I'm so Manilow fan and I love don't you hate all white guys in their homes were Delaware court ruled and.