Brain Strain

Friday, April 28th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Alexa got the morning with Terry Barnes since we are headed pray totally eighty's weekend we've got we go with a little. Totally eighties trivia. On the green screen this morning Iran of who we talked about from the eighties this guy had nearly twenty movies in the eighties and just won the top five song. Who we talking a lot. Your answer is 664. 19492. W Rolex twenty tickets for garrison Keeler show the prairie home companion. At Brees Stephens field in Madison. On September 2 two. Adorning the W all these greens strange sixty slow yeah. He nearly two more recently he's just want to help. Good frontrunner hundreds of. He does he was not a mountain now unless you want the only reason I'm gonna have gotten me. Is it exists and I got it pre weekend. 6641. Tiny corner of the brain strain totally 80s question this morning we're here totally eighty's weekend ahead I he had nearly twenty movies in the eighties. Just one top console. How about writers from new you know all while home rural. That was a great aspirations. For. Yeah it's between an absolutely shouldn't. Great weekend 664 on I four I braves straight question this morning he had nearly two movies in the eighties but just one top five so. Unrolled or know things. Thanks for class he's guess still illustrates straight call 6641 and when I exit not a tough for people adjust to radio was the question this morning his. He nearly twenty movies in the eighties. But just one top five song and he's losing to opponent batting order that's a great get. It was my gas that is what I was yes that Jerry yeah. Not if Maggette had a few move to fewer movies and that you're your other. And after he was hot in the eighties and he's in good job good job and does that mean if you look we were on the other industries. That meant. W Orleans braves' string of six or Warner before nine and number to call when you get the answer. The question he had nearly twenty movies in the eighties he does want tough odds on who was that guy. Well Bruce will. Still name I hadn't yet. I tracked through like. I ever expected what are Eddie Mary Eddy at. Yes that Yucca doesn't I was on my gas all so that in their own league there are key key turn. From whom Ernie W all extreme strain at 6641949. He had nearly twenty movies. In the eighties Dixie just want topless. Well national. Actually name I even motto why I have. Because he is saying. The temptation in front page and I are slow I'm Canadian and I mean. Yeah look yeah I shut me songs that proves that he got that big goal is screaming we're talking about. Try you know a good job and try try try telling you all strange stories succeeds or want to report on this guy had nearly twenty movies and he's Clarence. I want to outlets such as big hit who listens to. Here Tom Cruise yeah. Well I think to Honda Nissan and or no I don't know if we could try you know that's a good track like eight and old Nokia did like a karaoke thing in top London the only yeah I think it was yeah. Camille was in the when I'm not quite good and I need to McDyess 661949. For the brains shrink question this morning. This guy didn't nearly twenty movies in the eighties in just one. Top five hit song big song Boozer who was this person Patrick play that's the. Guy. Mary Alice. Good. Good jobs. Mall woman winner winner chicken and an up and food. Let cool guy he left us way too soon dude in these young man ever had when he has to leave Patrick Swayze is our answer this morning did you have a favorite movie out right now. Laughs yeah it's a classic as and it's hell else could she kind of. And I hate it here at this and the so I was kind of was she Indian via rough and tumble guy like kind of like teams are 60. Do you remember the song. Many of the big it was I can't remember that you remember that he had one yup it is is kind of wimpy do I thought it was good song I hate to admit that it hurt the. She liked. The win was the song from oh yeah ads from garabedian. Well what do you earning him gap Rayburn RO EM BER are you excited to see garrison Keeler I am I Irish and I can't and that's. Seriously what a great show we saw him in New York a couple of years ago. Still honestly top of my list and I love music. But it does show is so entertaining Weyrich a he'll blast.