Brain Strain

Wednesday, April 26th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elects the world famous logo on the morning bringing stream question. Every morning with Jim god Terry barred because some prizes. Like your chance to see garrison healers prairie home companion and Brees Stephens field in Madison September 2. Answer the question this morning at 6641. Not before 91. In five drivers. Who experienced this today. It's gonna happen to. One in five drivers today hopefully not fuel on your commute to work this morning call us up what that answer and win the brain strain. And W elect start blown up carpal right now. WLX three straight 664198. Or 91 out of five dried who experience this today. Drowsy driver Rosie ha ha ha we'll. Today is one of those days though among them just for the brain streaming company Q will not quiet. 66. More one on four lines in green screen question this morning while five drivers. Who experiences to. Yeah comedy was anger. Not at that's probably true to. And I gap but it wasn't me and that was not the correct yeah. I hit drive and you're awesome. 664194. Nights at green street questions warning which means one out of five drivers wheel experiences to. We're outraged. New breach. Null nobody could ask some really again I hope you don't ask don't you don't on your way if it's not handled Keating. You'll sprain strain call 6641949. You choose to go see. I garrison Keeler as he pleased. Every Stevens on September 2. Your correct answer what do you think what modified drivers. Will experiences today. What are drivers won't experienced broad range today I would regions being on the phone yeah ask cash I hope this isn't the. It indicates that what's gonna admit I had really good. We'll see that as much here isn't maybe LA. Could still think you could guess. W all likes brain strain a lot of five drivers will experiences today your answer at 664. When ninety torn on which you think it. Our rage to agree on who you are our hope your eight US. Because let's be very volatile yet how your morning going yeah. My. Yeah well don't don't you don't experience any annually to work today would take yeah. Aaron thanks for the call see this is W all acts how are you this morning's call under 400 no wonder outside yeah I did. Can you even an arsenal improve the lives of. But what gets loud allegedly Sabra put the five drivers will experience this today what do you think that is a ball like running out of gas burned you don't tell the nonpartisan you're not again. Yahoo! that's easy you know an indicator Daschle under. Lol yeah we think Terry well. News dot G-8 is that what it was jumpy at. And got a theory it's a long way around half yeah what you got a happy ending after all the I'll modified drivers will experience of the instrument warning lights that he yes Aaron he's got a man's. It's what's your name my independence and no repeat.