Brain Strain

Wednesday, April 26th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all excellent on the morning interior bar time for our world famous. Brain strain question now another lick awesome prize. You'll get to see Jersey and healers prairie home companion. Loving comedy tour breeze Stephens field September 2 we are correct brain straight answer to this question in the week the average person. Does this performs this function 22 times. Per day. Call us with your correct answer at 6641. Not before nine to W Ole LAX good morning WL. Straight straight SEC school 19 point nine EB every person who performs this function 22 times per day. All important number Jew growing number two if they have got the watch what he dives deep yeah oh yeah I got sick. What does that place. You certainly not enough to these little. Okay and out of. Don't your likes it rained straight and six X 1949 the average person. Performances so if you shouldn't when he shot 22 times for. BlueLinx immutable thing and policies some the answer to give thanks for noticing how I. Eric. Have a good day floods and unpunished WL I straight straight is 6641949. Average person performs this function 42 times per birdie rethink our immunity trade picking their nose. All along we're a lot. Going live like witty banter and interaction of a tax cut did influence he can influence them here to. Well you're a bad influence W always great strains 66419. Point nine number to call you did what's your answer to this question the average person performs this function. Point two times pretty apparently march. DC parts best. Shall all know. Aren't for a win. Or advertising answers hello. Hey John I tanks are 66 or one out of Florida I'd for the brain strain W Rolex average person. Performs this function the 22 times per day what are they doing. And you'll put her murder door that is the correct answer it's our current 22 times per day I gotta tell you if there's like maybe some leftover pizza or something. I. She it I'm doing a more than that I'm. Is something yummy and there are heightened by and that door would you say you do that 22 times today. Well we have French door refrigerators to lure Loren Robby you're forty or aren't. Aren't yet rusty you there are other perjury Aaron told Annan and RIA he's what's your name Matt ample.