Brain Strain

Monday, April 17th


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Classic it's not a four point nine W Alexa this weekend will be class reunion weekend every hour. Spotlight on a different year with all we'd run with baton player Rhonda what year was it on the brain strain this morning's you're correct answer if she John Mellencamp was gases state fair concert tickets for the show on Friday night on this fourth 8 o'clock one year was that we have a bush should know Idaho is also bad mantle was on the big screen the and John Mellencamp are speaking out of. And I hit in the top twenty. What year was that Ellison when the. The brain is straight this morning what year was its 664. Why not if you're not good morning telling your lacks is 664194. Lines of the green screen name only year we're looking for. I'm beginning you know 1989. Plus. Well right off the bat he gets really just so they're not playing piano man. 01 to 1989 o'clock A bottle minds yeah so so super I used to do well yeah my. How long I thought I thought he's beat me. I didn't. Well over another and I even think because it was maybe but it was very near the end. I thought I thought I was beyond tricky the pop pop star. While I guess I was told Teradata lesbian all sneaking his little bush in the White House employees who have been an Iranian Mellencamp and songs on the charts like you perhaps forever. Kennedy didn't gain in there're several Batman movies. But 89 the year look at towards this steals and didn't tell. He's trying to do they are. Though not as good as you'll. Eight seemed it was 8090 a bad man that the great Michael Keaton version of bad man came out in June of 8910 cars on a bit these first George Bush senior in the White House George H. W. Bush Americana in John Mellencamp song at that I was pop singer was his top when he and I. Steve you're gonna go see John Mellencamp bogeyed four. Get. Think of you I am not a sneaky is a plot to learn how to. Using currency if they get ready cultural I was encouraging Jim sneaking hasn't felt the gap has shown her. I don't know I two I just like take awhile related yeah that's neat you'll reconsider my career isn't as a burden I. And it just prominently. That didn't immediately thought it would be a bit so we'll have these. Every Friday and Easter DC doctor Paul Allen didn't get a car again we units there hindered in all necessary one.