Brain Strain

Friday, April 14th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine W all exports on the morning Jim oh god teary bar with our world famous brings strange question this morning. Undock from the heat is were beaten in the last year to circle the earth five times what are we eating so much of you're correct answer is 6641949. Is good for John Mellencamp tickets and the Wisconsin state fair August 4. Give us a call your brain straight answer and win. Six are going to keeping I mean Jerry awaiting F. As you think do you hear that questions yet but it what do you think the answer news. But it is a teeny chips is a gradient so much because just a really getting up early enough of those to circle the world trying to I don't ships it's it's good answer not the right answer but are we do appreciate your efforts at. You know that you can't have a great day. W all street straight to number you want to call 66419. Or tribunal. What we eat we eat enough of these got to circle the world five times in the last year. Eminem oh in new. Sinners speaking my language here's what zeroed out Eminem's don't know I love them or. I'm Eminem and potato chips are first two guesses foods and I'd like to basic food groups. That they are trying to change U of W all our screens screen 8641949. In the last year's circle the world prime time. Aren't Leander. Although again it's let me TV I'd be in my seated. Hello Jamie and think oh you're still cruise. When he said he didn't that you are going Gary all right how I'm gonna come poverty your house. I was older I like them twice a week on now annual summit over more of what it. I didn't agree Haley had a happy Easter weekend at things leaves. I. WX brain strain six explore 1949 nobody's had many in the in the last year to circle the world. Five times what I. I'm sorry to say hey CN. The peak see all your cheeks and think you need to air horn on global economy. You like your peeps. I act if you're a better. Yet it's out so you have a beautiful weekend but. Paul and I. I'll answer big yes have really good well good I can't date she Yahoo!. There are huge huge tool here I didn't. W all extreme strain companies have been beaten in the last year to circle the world five times you know. Call succeeds and how they're not all all all 66 Y 1949 you called that number here's your guess what do you think it is out. You that you keep listed all my fevered foods and technically. At. As Terry began my future life is well. Yeah. And I putts to have you stick hot dog daddy but that was a good yes yes already battered in the hot. You should see his new haircut all Jesus and in a little it's a sustained enough drama they are dry and know. Well OK then you have a great day. Good morning WLX Rayed 3664100. Porn on monopolies have been eaten in the last year's circled earth five times and. Doubled me I loved okay now we're talking in my food deadly day diesel is not. Conscious all very topical for Easter time and Paramount are old and not live McDougall glad you call the. Stop had a great hey this is wrong W election pretty straight and 8664100. Porn aren't enough of these eaten in the last year alone to circle the world livestock that it won't be robbed noodle. Holding home notes that the. All I nodded and show. Not data is very create the cigarettes creative yet. All certain oral Orleans and I can't we all did isn't that crazy and I. On college I ever eat them again circled the world at least at least until the. Great ghastly kiss 664134. Night for your greens drain response to the question enough of these you know last year alone the circle the world five times. They don't matter how hard problem learn what that's like always I treat at work. And then you turn on and Burnitz. Besides that smell in the air it's already burned. Yeah and great thanks for your brain string guess sorry. OK now yes. 664194. Not Maine your response to the question in wind John Mellencamp tickets for the seats are in the process. Enough of these now for the easy you know last year to circle the world five time how are you going to ease. Who knew lets me choose sweet tooth phone while those on the phone with us. I don't. I don't theory though right way is sparse weeks CDC is a clue like there's a series car hit this morning little little little hint now for the easy now in the last year to circle the planet earth five times what you think hundred. Jerry you'll look. That would be graders lack. From my own neighbors and Arab and give her baby carrier. It's to rule really good for the hard to put on a promoting good heart hell your name on the morning. The stakes are gone I am I'm trying to set are you should. WR like sprain strain top voluntary and are gonna break for a while Apple's products that we don't get it off. He hit it what do you think 6641 Audi Ford I kind of release in the last year. To circle the world five times our dogs our rules sending is we're hot dogs. It's still not it's a good. Well no we didn't change our greatest Ager sorry 8664190. For an idol for the easy in the last year to circle the world five times you know the totals. Second guess for know you have we did well in one easy Ed Rollins and the only app prominent house yup you buying all it's all right. That's all right since since Laura wanted to or nine. Could not put these eaten in the last year due to circle the world five times some beer guy and yeah no though. Indeed yeah. Jim they are just after your heart is sitting at my language at this tournament. I may have a great guess seven Hampton Senator. Kennedy to me you know. W all elects not on the morning Terry barge in the gone 6641949. To reach us. Would your answer for the brain strain which is nothing easy in the last year to circle the world five times. It's sort of damage summer heat and cool he has of those a foot long it would take Islam all. Not at all yeah. How old cronies that so many of them WL I sprains strains 664194. Not number you called into question and also these. Even in the last year's circled the earth five times. Actually in our organization made America human clue how big and jolly being. Yeah. I. Played it yeah I didn't call me at all my gosh that's awesome you're gonna say bacon the. Pitching. They didn't make birdie and kids I don't it's always the right answer but not in this case the way to go all we. And it only got asked can we got shot the phone your what's your favorite jelly -- I want you orange orange ones yeah yeah star burst jelly beans and I don't know what my how am I what are I would love deliberately reform Pollyanna. Married fights break out. Overton keep taking his family's really yup that one knows well yeah not goods. Nice dog man what's your name who puts lasting and here are recalled from there. Who aren't aren't we're right here we come and play well I guess you can access Lin seventy is good for W all likes and her blue.