Brain Strain

Tuesday, April 11th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine W collects time where these world famous but on the morning green stream question. You are correct answer good repair a Mellencamp tickets. John Mellencamp plays was just a seat there. Friday night 8 o'clock August 4. You're going to your correctly answered this question 52% of moms he admit they do this when the kids are home. What's not opt to when the kids are Iran's it was a call with your answer 6641. But not before nine for the W you'll elect sprains strains. WR like sprains strains 66. Or 194 night. Why is doing when the kids are around the cup coordinated. Not the the injury and who don't solid enough okay needs a new neighbors of the. Like that. Don't you all and straight about six inches or 100 porn I was mom doing with kids aren't Roman pattern an alcoholic beverage of an alcoholic beverage or else I. And I need some new neighbor six. And Jimmy you guessed that he has not implement WL I sprain strain it was 664198. Or 952% of moms say they've done this for the kids were. It went there toy. From Detroit. The right direction. Cole and that the WLX rays during the sixties were global not even more lives 52% of moms admit to doing this when the kids. Colonel who do you think there aero snoop through there who loves pop up or another good guess I. That currency W I'll explain he knows snow yeah. Add Errol do you not do there the time come and and since the what do you think the answer is to the streets regressive. I think I think they crank it up who have never get music. Oh I love that answer you know let's go my mom is still like some of the stuff finally. Speaking of John Mellencamp my mom like John King Li Yan who beat. Sure I want I don't know anybody you know on me and I actually feel sorry my mom also like the eagles' hotel California back in the day. And that was totally cool mama my husband's mom like kids until she actually listen to the words all hot hot car. At a fund beach again these guys beat us. This isn't a dear take Cuba for colony yes WR like spring street at 66 war. 1949. To question this morning 52% of moms and done this when the kids are around what do you think he answered and I think that's. Your image. Oh. Yes is it yeah yeah yes. All right yeah man I don't mind I'm a veteran Atlanta. Here's signed does that mean yes your dates for the John now we can't concern you probably are trying to everything and yeah. He's helped you win a lot up parent ask me tell you can get anybody know that you can't get pregnant immediately. I use line yes that's a little areas of the originals. Not everything right and nearly what do you mean you Bernie can't. You see you've never done this. I know now I don't think I don't care what council on you should only you don't want to miss and slower clock now. Plus he must be more of a guy thing than a girl thing but yet to pass those deaths are pretty high.