Brain Strain

Friday, April 7th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W oil expert on the morning Jim and solitary bardo some. Seventies music trivia prior brains strange topic this morning. Within a super seventies weekend coming up starting to name three. Name 370s. Bands that took their name. From CDs. 37 these bands got their name from cities and the first couple caddie easy we need three from yeah there are several options here it. 6641949. For your brain straight answer. In tickets to be long and winding road to musical Lennon McCartney this Sunday from Jimoh Witter. And these sock river curry art center. Your prize for the brains train a W Ole LX. WLX brave strain is 664194. My heart you'll but yeah what do you think 370s bands named after CBS. There are more volatile never hurdles listen. She didn't get the EPW all of Reagan's phrase it. L the 664190. Port I would give her three bands from the seventies named after cities goal here. I don't Obama didn't handle war Kansas is a steep stuff we don't you hate. Eighty nice try I don't. Yeah yeah yeah. Now the only do you know I hate WLX. Rays strains exist for 100 porn I know you. Eric doing great now we have you on the phone here you state 37 these bands deemed after CDs the first to come easy don't they were what are three of them I don't. And you are the movie is is a steam and will meet this yeah. I mean it gets stuck on that yes. See it's tough the first tour like he's got out and do its part try and keep trying to get yeah W all X brings straight is 66 or 1949 of the first 370s bands named after CDs what are you thinking on this people are injured. And barker and club marry her under her own Denton transfer who. Who transfer to what was the first one you sent Chicago must all of course our cars are you up not being. Had I guess that would work well yeah I think yeah what's your name. Gary Jerry what's the last names your feet ER I mean one more time. Sea island ER there you have daytime phone number here in Manhattan not fire fighter of the daughters I want 387.