Brain Strain

Wednesday, April 5th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W oil expert on the morning Jamal got Terry Barr brace straight question for this morning. I'm no Steve Harvey but it's a survey says questions. You can answer it 664. We want to not before nine he'll win tickets to The Beatles tribute performance called the long and winding road. Would you order anti soccer prairie river are senator this Sunday period tickets. For the answer to this question. 50% of us cannot remember this. From high school a lot of things we can't remember but our question this morning good for those tickets 50% of us cannot remember this. From high school call us now at the new number 6641. ID 49 with your brain straight answer tell your likes brain. Stream to welcome to our new phone number and I think it's. About six explorer one night we're not feel like it's open. Russian capital oh I thought I don't think there's so called the right number yeah. The question doesn't make sense dealing east deeds of these lenders certainly since. It's. He remembered. Yeah. But only break in the it's fun every street. W all extreme strain welcome to our new phone numbers at this. Sorry you're good moves exits or one I put my extra cold and number I took us a long hair and I'm gonna I'm Debra L. Yeah boy that's another good guess and bring it straight at it it. It's 50% of people from high school city can't remember them but that's what Jim was alluding to hidden. Algebra or history. I ran out with a leading government. And there are drive this morning you're seeing world. WLX three street six explorer one not before nine the number to call my own take you for calling that number my it is morning and the hitters tell all their locker 400 number locker combination now a second trial now know that's not okay UW always great strain you know Cole's exit slower. Why not before 950% of people say we can't remember this from high school very. Please hot. Wow can't or don't want to know that I hadn't even talked to one they got an electoral Lauren it. Good guests could accept the Braves in house I think. Thanks for drives W Orleans bridge strains exit slower 190 for nine on the number to call. Didn't settle people cannot remember this from preschool we bumped my. Act could be the our. Area grow our. Who. Would ask Lois is simply a piece you're close says so close you know. I want and got my eye I saw the year are right to ask for an earlier numbers yeah. The XWL I sprain strain at six explorer 194 and I'm glad to see that in me you. On this we've been X yeah. It's the question this story 50% of people say they cannot remember this from high school are important debate the crap out of print but it. High principles name I call another awesome guests remember yours how old are. I do my minister apple was our principle he's you know Brazilian off it and he's the guy. I like Tuesday come talk to us is kogan WL it's great street 664194. And I'm glad you caught on in the number thanks Collins. I can't he can't render our our proms I. Us you never yours so vocal are all wasn't as to what all the. Mom and what what I wouldn't have that if you could've voted for it all by yourself. What song like OK yeah. Through the night a little too and I didn't hear it won't be there are the seniors are gonna suddenly channeled through the ninth. In answer to why a lot like (%expletive) it's.