Brain Strain

Thursday, March 30th


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Classic hits Donnie four point nine WR like such a to a shopping. Anti no savvy consignment boutique in Middleton will you will. If you answered the brain strain this morning world famous brain strain questioned with them on the morning in dairy bar. On average we spend about six dollars per week this six bucks per weeks expenditure. On this. Your answer to lay a lot of one ID 49. To answer the W all likes green strange question W Alexa ray straight into it 119 point 96 dollars per week easy Everett is average expenditure on this for most of us are we talking Emma. Oh my lawyer who. So I gotta tell you glad not steady at six dollars and one analyst while Biden the united yeah. All you escaped. W all I still they want to want to see Florida and for the brain strain answered this morning and the question is six dollars per week the average expenditure for most of my sons but we spent six bucks a week. A toffee from. Mike there's stuff Terry was talk of anomalies smooth and Okur is off all our field. That's not admit to me and your priest mark for yes or no and thanks for playing links are given little world here at W Alex. 211 out of fort I'd answer every answering question which is six dollars per week is the average expenditure for most of this on this Lilly's president. Six dollars a week how all of our. Launch them another good yeah. That gives thinks they trick try and our great leader in London didn't learn a lot here together to. Oh every morning with a brain strain question this morning six dollars per week is what we're all spend and on average on this what is that average expenditure of our program go. Don't room. Liane. That's a good line not a good guess is so not the right answer costs are aliens coffee lunch in domes of Terri keeping track over their camera goes together but then why are. Not him and them aren't. Too late on one at a Florida I W Alexi answer that question this morning greens during question average expenditure per week for this six dollars bucks and newspapers. Oh and that's another great answer another green answer but they're not quite a deal not only got less so are they. Her staff well interest yeah. The Helm RA WLX great strain into a lie in the 194 night in question this morning. Every expenditures six dollars per week and that's what he's got his six bucks for a week. Boom food and not to know all politics for try to yeah I think you'd forget up early and try to redo. Reshaped and here at W all excellent food we'll keep this here within we'll send somebody off to the side. This sick every consignment boutique city have won tees decent all sorts of course a few years don't Ellis get. You just don't find it's your average department store absolutely. Against. So check it out with your correct answer good morning W all his brain drain we spent six dollars early on this one is. I. Know. Goal it's one I'll. Need. He gets your blessing on radio but she's blessed okay. I don't know why am I heard that yeah I. Think not and then not those with. I don't know I'm not that good dry and haven't even though. Only you do. TV. And it's you know W elects to anyone on any porn nine. For the ring answering questions 46 dollars per week goes out of our pocket for this what could that possibly be what do you think Dennis Green street. Our lottery tickets is that he and. No I you got every stream current dancer please don't. It. Is and I'll. Blog today did you a year now is this an average for you or someone you know embattled former averaged earlier you don't anymore hi I'm Barbara guilty but you know where it's let's. You're right I. I solitary I do you guys spent six bucks a week. Larry did you guys we try to make as you know what I do. And that's that was when I put in the might see some moves lottery does her currently are you proud to be best is yet I. Because lottery tickets he does some might say Canada frivolous purchase Knight IMAX cinema and put in the City Council theory Camilla I want and don't give her what the hell yeah no pain and now we're all mad because we didn't win but I love ERR comment. Can't win if we don't play. It and it only ever on the radio this is morning rarely seen and the end puts less than any different story now at least patents.