Brain Strain

Thursday, March 30th


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You are just in time for the classic hits 94 point nine W Rolex world famous brings drink questioned with Jim gone Terry Barr from a guy on the morning. 86% of us wake up in the middle is that it's his to do this all right we roll out of the middle of the night. Just to do this C 86% of us you're correct green straight answer is good for that. Give target of a dollar gift card. From simply sandy consignment boutique reduce Doran university avenue middle and you're correct answer wins it'd do they want to. One not before nine did WOLX. Good luck good morning W always. Re straight away 1194986%. Of us. We've got to do this the night and we take weeks. Have a feeling we're gonna speak and I. Yeah I I I another right answer when we always appreciate your participation. Yeah. That's that's that's. And there is bone here this right out there are out there. Too long wanted to put right into the Braves trick question what did this morning 86% of us will let do this in the middle of the night what are pretty tough to eat a snack. Yes that's what I was doing yes and again I can't claim we did it not been directly answerable we appreciate your participation here I think have a good day. They want when Audi Ford nine played in bringing stream question this morning for that gift card for the savvy boutique simply said he consignment boutique and 6% of us wake up in the middle of the night induces. Go to her included popular gift I'm actually she said much nicer you're a little more polite then yeah yeah museum or the and then I think you know okay. Song. WLX rays straight question 86% of us will wake up in the middle of the night in do this that's the question to meet 119 point nine you're on the line with your answer. I would go and what color of the bathrooms big yes they don't Berlin not getting the numbers probably even higher than could I. But it it yeah. The aches for her and her play and you're this WR like straight straight to you won't want any part 96%. Of us. We'll get up in the middle of the night and do this. That's our brain drain questions but it didn't earn your keep crying your teeth who I've heard a lot of people do them. You no good just soul. Thanks for giving the shot here at W Alexis Grace street this morning is. 86% of us will wake up in the middle of the night into this answer question to a 11949. What do you think get on this one for a TV watch TV. He insomniac theatre. Hot hot hot seat fit between you it answers that's another good guess until earlier we are after but thanks for trying to hurry doesn't it gets home. Let's get another good guess again as a full of them here this morning it to anyone. Why not before 986%. Of us will wake up in the middle of the night to do this our record so on promote and that is the correct answer for turf. Pulled eating eating don't know. Can. What is your name. I don't know that lower. Hey Tim where he called from this morning I really don't grow nice and do you expect your phone in the middle of the night for messages well I do regret in my choir of all all yeah that's she told me thank you for your working we we really appreciate what you do when. Sorry you have to check your phone headsets and do you firemen in jobs growth or Tim or somewhere I don't not. Who earlier in Milwaukee and word important. I got. Slow less pain that is that is it's no earlier years they are all my buddy keep Drexel but I don't live and do Lockheed but the incident my house got Larry you Peter for Michigan yeah I don't she didn't want Timmy got as a gift card for the savvy consignment boutique in Middleton neared sixty. Three university and it's all yours.