Brain Strain

Thursday, March 30th


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The classic hits in 94 point nine W Rolex world team extreme strain but on the morning Jim got teary bar question this morning her last day as Roberts it's less famous person want famous couple are we talking about you're correct answer. It should point five dollar gift card. For the sandy consignment boutique store in Middleton. 6333. University avenue call to want one out of 49 when you're correct green straight answer and good luck. Tell your legs brains straight to you wanna want to we're not we're glad you called the his ally as Dave Carson her last Dave Roberts CN what is that famous double. I didn't I can. You're sure you read that Julia Roberts about. Yeah. We're battleground where the other guys you. But yes I mean my assumption that that's not in my friend to prequel to date time column. WLX rays straightaway long and one untoward on her phone number directly to the studio facility answered this question her last name is Roberts. His blessings Carson. What famous couple is it. Robin Roberts a reporter from the Good Morning America with Datsyuk and she's she's awesome even you know we see we compete with a remark if yeah my mom you know we still aren't sure that's not at all but gone are the I'll see. You move. To label on 194 and iron in the green screen if you only answer that question in her last name is Roberts is lasting mystery person. Wanna send you an ankle still are the consignment sandy can Simon who teach. See Middleton you know the answer to that question. What do you think the Barbie Ken and Barbie into and oh my nice sense. Are you surprised or Howard Dean and I don't hate group. I don't gala last name and I suspect that's not the issue. We think we're gonna have to start getting some tips south lake yeah they're they're a little older sharks. I'm embarrassed and Jim said she drives nice top guys really aren't sitting out there is that just really nice as well as the VA and I'm. I really like targets we like your answer even better if at ten way to go. Carla and I don't thanks to your go to Lee savvy consignment boutique have you been to the store. Now I am. It looks pretty cool suits on university avenue 633 country in Middleton you're gonna fight all kinds of almost definitely du lac. Wine and cheese party easy do the least I come on up so you enjoy yourself with. 25 dollar gift Smart to our dismay and Carol thank you won't think you've Carla can you.