Brain Strain

Friday, March 24th


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All lucky you'll you're just in time for the classic hits 94 point nine WOX world famous well gonna morning with Terry Barr greens strange question we have a super seventies weekend coming up today starting at three struggled a little seventies pop culture a little seventies TV trivia on the Marines trained guessing correctly to a win not feel little pared tickets for journey -- Asia next Tuesday and the Alliant Energy center nameless seventies TV show that's par. Are off at least three other show us. Kind of a multiple choice question is there's several answers to this great strain question add to weigh 11 at 949. W all extremes. 828119. Point nine. Yeah I think the only French and polish Christmas yeah. Hurt. I heard Pamela WR two brains strangely line line nine point nine questions. Mid seventies TV show fit spun off by at least three other children network forums. I've got one or maybe even view there's. Awesome bunch answers may yeah I think. Heavy gains of one of them at TDs is one of big. But if he had the burn surely there's one down and more urgent need are these are all terror. Do you think finally in June he loves China do you did you win it here and winner winner days. Can do here at sea journey dinner I don't know yeah. Just want married Taylor Moore was when you're thinking like just this morning now. I have little it was great I mean he's friends and it's one of Maureen that. That she practical here aren't you hit it fat can be days fought off marked mini Laverne and Shirley and doing those shots he Mary Tyler Moore classic their fill us another great show Rota and I was and it's shown through his memory her yeah Lou Grant was greeted at the end and it list goes on how we found out all of the family did it end. Another one that's fought off a budget shows I didn't think that was Scooby Doo. I wouldn't. Sorry. Some if you I still say that two weeks exit. There is no. Odds the Steve Stockard correct that Gretzky. Is you're you're me all I am a bit related. Said. Just how related are you Steve and I don't really do it again that I believe that. Off again to press got caught up I get it.