brain Strain

Thursday, March 23rd


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Classic hits Matty boy died W alleged it's time for the world famous book on the morning with Terry Barr green screen question. Prizes good prepared tickets to see journey and Asia and the big Johnny coliseum anti Alliant Energy center next Tuesday. Question goes like this. Us Americans are in hot can do we get a combined total debt of one point sixteen trillion dollars for all of us. And for what nor answer and 2811. Not before nine for the WOLX. Brings strange question WL I. Braves trade you 2119490. Are you this morning and you know you are you're Smart I can tell you really Smart. No all I know history of the Terry yes of course there are no matter your answer your Smart restore what was your name. Late April on Americans all combined one point sixteen trillion. For once. And for lets me. It's like wow yeah I agree with your answers not the right answer roaming yet you're you're you talk mommy hit. I don't know bonus stuff adds up. Six. I. You have liberal thinking of the trial he can't keep trying April parry to meet you have a good Hebrew W all its brain strain at 28119492. This morning that our hour I'm great now did you call yeah. Happy to hear from me and stick to. All we've been waiting by the from. From hot hot hot seat them. Question this morning how Americans only combined total for all of the whole on this 11 point sixteen trillion per watt. I don't know how Obama that they that I thought you know hardly owner hired Eric I'm on the object Angel. Vehicles yet easy answer or that's the answer. Yeah yeah. You wind didn't hit Q yeah well. I've ex yeah. Had they Q and you do. You know old honestly what's your name Erica all right Erica nice goal and yeah it's.