Brain Strain

Thursday, March 23rd


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Classic hits in 94 point nine WO Alex moved on the morning to go Ontario bar time for our world famous brain strain question for this morning. Research showing that coworkers they do this at work actually we'll get along better there were answered that correctly you're off to sea journey next Tuesday at the coliseum was special guest in Asia. From W one likes brains traded to wait 1190. Foreigner WLX brain strain research shock us. Think co workers that do this work actually get along better at work. We think the only compromise. Compromise. The other good guess yeah not quite who were looking for the men meet calling it a try again soon after ain't you know to wait in line and why not before nine greens strange phone number to answer the question. The workers that. Does it work of the joint actually get along better. At work give each other about it. Who won't it we love you dev and. I'm not. I am not yet but I like the way they. What I like yeah I think I'm glad I'm not at all but I thought they did not let me let me click beat you Kabul reunion. Let's take you and your size did years I don't it doesn't look anybody who thinks he'll pitch in any here all took doesn't. WR it's very strange cult to it won 1049 if you know what the coworkers still works that helps and actually get along better worked answered question this morning virginity cancer tickets we think. Good finger seeing a sing along ball you know what I like the had to answer a lot that would be really fun seeing a lot of all day with W Alexa Knight Jimmer Alice what you're worked in the. Not in the case for try and Ari thank you each year rule W elect Springsteen question this morning if you just rolled out his top of the shower he. Research shows that coworkers they do this at work actually get a lot better with each other or preferred field. And that would be. And then they do their job. Their job correctly that's key to good connection to what they're supposed to. That's that's definitely it's a good thought yeah. And how have they keep trying it now please oh please do we'll keep trying to bone that we all corners. Listen I want to yeah she didn't. It's. Great driven well there's. Placed yeah. Yeah I'm ready to work Greenland. It looked rejecting intercom telling him and then when I. Check it out on idol this putting good I like the way you think yeah. Yeah like I. You'll get on. RW looks pretty strange to anyone who wanted to for a night you were planned for journey gas a day gets one of quarters to work that now helps a Mexican along better with each other words that's your question the answer is. Don't talk to shelter to home to. Pull off the ball so long as literary and I'm not all I guess it takes for giant man. I got shot in the category that I'm not really. Let me give I would like that. I think it looks. Who would apply to one out of four that I can do what do co workers do that helps him get along better with each other work. Out. Pigs and to spread gossip you know every philosophy to get better gossip to general rule book homo. Wow dating that's diabetes. A little of any teeth. You ready visible instance. That two year old in heats and all he is still no winner. Only guess you still have no wind up. W Orleans greens treated to a 1194 Nigeria the question. Step what do you think the answer this. Eritrean bring treats organic and didn't like the way you think you may not have rendered her that's a great answer but it's still. And not the writing here I know Ollie thanks for plant the seed missed the cut. I'll bring those trees toward those brownie yeah in the. Nothing assets and. We like Danny answer to anyone think he won 949 what do coworkers do work they're creatures a research shows exe helps people get along better with each other work. And I am very big game player being a team player and yes I really that is affair and a good dancer and an and it's still not the right. Actually I had it darn high dollar we're gonna dissect giving some clues I think pretty sad I think all of you know. We regulate it's not a massage like that one guy suggested now all but don't close proximity would be a good clue you want it right guess again the argument no she's gone she's she's she's lying have a W elects to anyone want to before nine. What do you think coworkers are doing it worked it doesn't get along better or. How about write to each other a lot of lying to each other's thoughts it didn't look at all. I know a little. Hot but to look at night right here. Where he street response to this question and get security tickets if you can guess it's not research shows coworkers that during the hour get along better return to work. I try to work together carpooling perfectly right machine. Again I mean Nadia did an excellent guests call to lay won't want to report I'm brain strain answer argue we want to read street answer that number. Christian research shows that. Coworkers that do this at work get along better with each other and our pool arsenal that aren't available but not at the back to back cancer. And the answer is it W all extremes stream. To your question. Now who did say thank you think you all. Not even know home alone. A lot of these Isabel very thoughtful gift thanks for triumph on the right. WLX brains strayed too long gone before nine research shows. They co workers that do this it worked to get along better with each other work that is the question. What is the answer please visit with clean. You can bring together take a break to. Now money is not it Terry Jamal the classic it's not a four point nine WO elects welcome to these soon to be afternoon edition. Over morning brings strength as it. He's sure oh yeah the question this morning research shows that coworkers that doing this and work actually get along better at work up. I know it's telling jokes he had. Known I would do that lie here and how we tried to and it's not always funny now some a little off color of the club that's that's good. Yeah praise stray too long we gonna work out like deceit journey you don't stop believe that lives. Question this morning coworkers that do this a work have been shown to get along better. With the judge there were. Show commentary I agree back you turn on the run he yeah. Yeah. Quite there is Neitzel that we as citizens and pain that is. Them. WL I sprain strain that number. 2811 hour before nine research shows co workers that do this at work a vigil and actually get along better with each other network. Clogging is the correct answer is right we've been waiting for a bird nearly an hour. Yeah. Yes. The answer is hugged each other so have your hand a coworker yet today because if you didn't. He had to me that I'm in my class Australia org you wanna do you give a big bear hug to. Maybe they are. I it your gay okay well let's try you're excited about winning. Oh yes I did get together and you're going to see journey action and Jerry and Asia. Hate for Atlantic first and last name please. Keep writing program.