Brain Strain

Wednesday, March 22nd


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elects. But on the morning Jim my god Terry Barr with your world famous brain strain question this morning it's good for a pair of journey and Asia concert tickets they play the coliseum in just one week. Question this morning two thirds of the world's population. Has never experienced this I did lead a sheltered life two thirds of the world's population. Have never experienced this. What is it a two way Juan won the night before nine. W Rolex greens drained 28119492. Thirds of the world's population has never experienced this client client who flying. He good guess but not the correct answer for the breed street OK they keep trying keep Ryan a candidate but. To wail on 1949 answer the question two thirds of the world's population. He's never experienced this brain strain not quiz question this morning what's your answer. No snow yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah that sits. There and say that's what's your name and Jim he Jim Mora golf promissory. We are violently trying to Jimmie last needs leagues are shorter ROR eight T Harrell IE generally ask why you're going to see journey. No.