Brain Strain

Wednesday, March 22nd


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Classic hits study four point nine W Ole LX brain strain Diana. Jim a nominee on the morning with Terry Barr requested this morning good for unbelievable price. Journey concert tickets dirty plays the coliseum with age just what a powerhouse doubleheader of eighties music coming up. Tuesday night march 28 here's your question this morning to Elan 1949 to answer it. 27%. Of single people say they would not date a person who does not do this. Okay 27% a singles who would not date a person who doesn't do this. Call us with your brain strain answer. WR ex Marines strayed into a 1194927%. Of singles will need someone who doesn't do this. If your answer shape. She is hot hot that it's a good. Yeah he's a sexist but it's good people it's a hundred people there. Makes it kinda it you know not. But thank you for calling and they're gain yeah it's cool W Orleans great streak to win 11949. It's one point 7% on singles. Watch sports like soccer. This last weekend. Yeah I would be mandatory. That's not. Our I think he speaks he. W Rolex greens drain question this morning into a 11949. Point 7% of singles war needs someone doesn't. This hatred to work. So you laugh but hit it doesn't work is his guess who's in for this yeah. Yeah yes not Italy euros. Hello kitty and I. WR let's bring strength to 81194927%. Of singles who won't diss someone who doesn't do this answer a question this morning we think. Pretty good. Doesn't want. Knew him doesn't need a sentence. I love that answer good answer to me doesn't it. In the Miller it's an honor is so far some room thanks for trying. W Rolex sprains strains 281194917%. Of the singles won't need someone who doesn't do. I'm sure it's. Apple doesn't audience. It was a good guess thinking WLX brain strangely 11949. 47% of Siegel's won't I won't need someone. What are our boredom. Paula just little little chivalry. I'm like man children was not did do you still open the door for name one thing. All her do it I felt today got three. Dude on all of you are a good man related tell what was your knee deep peace dear classy guy that's not the answer was to yeah. I usually you're gaining nearly. Just virtually. Why did. They're pretty cool my. What are we don't get me get to question directed that we keep nubians journey and then I tried today. You Matt blue moon they you know don't your likes braves 321194927%. On singles won't be someone who doesn't do. This group what they're no longer gap Pope doesn't volts. Doesn't bowl is the answer Powell. Or is the correct answer. All of you are laughing so hard because I didn't think I would be at did you all I. Originally shouldn't well yeah. You know genial I am so I have a friend this is true you will not deep it's a woman who doesn't have a tip to. Call me okay yeah well how I got our our all. Good that grange.