Brain Strain

Friday, March 17th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO likes to go on the morning with Terry Barr in our world famous greens drain this morning of course something for seem to have these days. Go on the morning salutes another great irishman sporting where water all bottle from the great Danny YouTube got his name. It's a story behind net audit Donell get his name your brain strain question this morning. To weigh 11949. Your prize. Our last pair of tickets for America. In concert march 29. At the overtures senator from WOLAXWLX. Rays 3211949. Top of the morning we have to sit pets. Our heart and soul good my highlight. There. All bottled up that means I don't Margaret Margaret we call it a golf ball at all but I don't know legally guess all good gets us. I. Am in a story. That's like the winning answer the whole week certainly. It's not the idea of the right answer sustenance for a two way I want 19490 dollars a bottle does that mean for our Marines street this morning hello there the morning. What do you think. Armed my friend when they were candidate here hey are you and your neighbor and I believe. You know all your bottle history. Abandonment don't appear yeah I gush a patient as he tells a story at the show. No I haven't heard now about bird interesting story that I had to turn it into law should. Turns Indonesia now how did you know and the people actually thought there and we're front row I see no problem. Actually we're pretty that you're editors you or your dues there we got to do and they certainly aren't kind of uttered. Well they're pretty well connected so well. I gosh what a great story good start was sure you keeping.