Brain Strain

Thursday, March 16th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine WO likes time for the world famous. My got in the morning brain strange question you're correct answer good for a pair of tickets to see America. He answered march 29 at the overture center in Madison. Do all those seven he sits and and one from the 80s question this morning at two way want to one and 949. The children born in Washington DC. Have a better chance of getting this job than any others states. What is that profession. WR screens. 82811949. The number you dial you must only answered this question these kids boarding DC have a better chance of winning this job. Think kids born any place else. Certain shop where government Steward at CU gets turned shipped over an internship for. Ha he he just my guess I. It's a great just easy gizmos that against the net that's not it but it's a good guess movement unbelievable we both made you. WL I sprayed strange cult too it. 11 and aren't you know the answer the questions. Kids born in Washington DC the better chance of living in this jumping. It's. No big coming up bunkers yeah. Because of the almanac. Yeah. Good drive but I drive buddy but nobody likes. Green's trade to one on one not before nine. Kids bored in DC better shot Atlanta in this job that any kids born anyplace else government. From the tournament that's and that's all that's a popular answer perhaps I didn't get as I was on the on the other end this radio station athlete gets in there. Yeah I think for you for gas seemed to try and. WL it's pretty straight to a 1190 point 9 question this morning kids born in Washington DC. Have a better chance of landing this job the kids born any other place and I read. Congress. That's a disputed government jobs that makes sense that at us it's just not the correct answer but do your pretty cool for trying to tell you our thanks yeah. I wonder most kids would actually won a run away from the government WLX rays 32811949. Kids born in DC Washington DC have a better shot at lay ending this job that kids born any place else that's our brain strain questioning them. What's your answer for us what he thinks there. Teacher that's another great zinger not quite at the Honolulu lets you know thank you happening. Waking up early and try and this Johns Jessica I don't know X alone to wait 11 ready for Ryan the number for the greens stream for the question keeps born in Washington DC have a better chance at landing this job and kids born any place else couldn't chrome going to render Bob what are. Being. He just a bit more specific immunity player very yeah. Very adult her dad. I guess we're just getting ready to give clues how did you know that. Our third or worse burger didn't it is in fact I was looking up some things more than 130. From our on this list as being born in DC and then going on to the some amazing college programs which are still listed them right to the NBA you couldn't and yeah dirty. They at another thing I read they call it the pipeline to the NBA. A net. So obviously you knew little. The real stimulus guys. You know it was doesn't produce is Lotto hey hey Henry radio broadcast their caucus you're 60 right you're not I'm performed due to big to. Normally cheese heads at the Mike here. What I'm proud of that jam brought up that yeah it was there any minute of America it's got to get a last name. Bogey didn't you heard it here we did ghost took you. Not an easy one we had many many wrong guesses priority you.