Brain Strain

Thursday, March 16th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elects time for the world famous but god the morning with Terry Barr brain strain question this morning. 22 million Americans. Have one of these are Terry does it I don't but point two million Americans have. One of these jury answer is good for America concert tickets America plays medicine anti over your senator. March 29 two played horrible idea forward and for your brain strain response at WOXWLX. Rays straight. To a 119 point 922 million Americans. Have won the needs. I'm gonna blow no problem yeah the it's not you're already laughing hilariously error. Do you have a long dolls I don't want to know. Here's someone who dressed up look what he's done it all also. I know someone who dressed up a blow up doll and would ride around in the car with it loses its direct party years of good news. They just did it for fun and still it's nice they have someone in the car when it comes to someone weird yeah. I think that's funny yeah so are. Are very funny W Rolex brain strain to a 1194 nines and number for your answer. To the question from 22 million Americans have one of these up past. So why it's C I love that answer Colin that's it's a great response. On not the answer but a good one they paint you I'm in if you'd like to Hamilton join us Tuesday morning at some validity of these did you public service announcements are little blunt here. Your new best friend with human society. They're W all I sprayed street. AT. What's your answer to that class up our act and any flat screen TV I know what you have until. Yeah they're not the answer but a good on the greens narrow as they heal they huge WL it's. Brain strain into a 1194922. Million Americans have one of these undergone repeated should girl scout cookie. How long I agree with you and that the true are you not done within minutes yeah I got blamed can't assume that with a pin entry you know true that's it's helped. Categorized out of my van and. You're right Drexler and being a year and look look look. Weigh in on 190 point nine as our brains sprinklers in this morning to you missed it point two million Americans have won and he sets the brain stream and I don't think grandparents. A grand. All honestly renters still with us don't know nine minute hearing room folks we're all along that they were cool and yeah sweet hands are bugging everybody had like the greatest grandparents from an unknown. They're super cool a part of history teacher tell a lot of cool stuff well and it's pointless to be and it certainly going to be steamy doughnuts sold. Pointed out like donuts that's adequate. Words started and yes. Thanks for calling the W let's bring stream to a 1194922. Million Americans I have one of these what do you think the answer yes and college degree. College degrees she got its Smart handsome Smart answer that not to read. Job yeah teacher you know keep trying glad you call it. Our WLX ray street two point one wanted to for an onto the question 42 million Americans have one of these how much trash that would be the answer we'll look at full. Hamas to end Jeb wants to edge you know negative view that as I said Terry does not think that's coming. I fresh and Jim claims he used illegally like graphic evidence Jim there are pictures well. And college aged like 20/20 I was twenty which is 309 years ago. Let's talk. Had a mustache and beard Joseph the problems he was ready grew in a different culprit in heart and it was a rat they have brown hair and my mustache and beard Lowell. We cut down offered to work out how to get this answer our unusual demeanor and their. That's positives you're listening to us and you're looking at yourself in the mirror thinking Tom. But you know there's probably in my. For year rule is this mustache man several names gentlemen sorry Jason has gone on answer I'm Jay is such adjacent ledger does Hillary call for him at Kandahar area before. All right Jason has been from what I go to C America. I don't believe their landlord I yeah yeah yeah he'll be in Madison on Tony ninety got tickets but it's already.