Brain Strain

Tuesday, March 14th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Ole L next time for the world famous Madonna morning and brain strain questioned with Terry Barr. 33% of women think a guy looks. Uncool. If he's wearing one of these we want you guys to look cool little time so what is the answer that brain strain at Tulane won. 194 Nyhan a woman thinks I 33% of women thinks the guy looks uncool. He's wearing one of these. When any American cancer tickets was your correct brain straight answer right now WR that's great street question to. Late 1198 or 933%. When they don't and endless uncool he's wearing his. Or dirty diapers and dirty diaper system that would not be sexy at all yeah well I would not be a good luck. I'm did you baby new year but not an advantage to clean and we'll just get. Absolutely has always you preach hatred can put a little Erica. And praise for 82811949. Middle of sudden cool if you where's this according to 33% women who have mole he be aware that looks on cool hearing. Fury you bringing your ring known I didn't. Some motivated have a good day bus and then just me but it'll. Too late I want any port IDW election your brain straight answer to that question 33% of women think Amanda looks uncool. If he's learned this car blues lose. Bluetooth so I at least that's it that's it for the guys. Was it guys sitting worrying about all these other tracks. I. So do you agree that sort of dark urban girls I. Courier considerate and Darren I don't know how are people singing OK so not only. On cool inconvenience veteran who blew a woman lice again with the main scene of a well it's. Could he sees. What's your name and he's Karl.