Brain Strain

Friday, March 10th


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Classic hits not a four point nine WLX brings straight good for our final pair of George Jackson concert tickets Joseph plays capitol theater coming up on June 21. Question this morning is negated to some eighties music trivia for the brain streams. With our totally eighty's weekend coming up this afternoon starting at three. Name a classic eighties album other than Michael Jackson's thriller it actually topped thriller it produced over viable. Top forty single all right Michael's thriller heads six. This album out produced seven. Give us a call your answer to 81. One not before nine for the green screen WLX greens strange question to eat 11949. What is the album topped Michael Jackson's thriller had. Over five top forty hits in the eighties. For a white ball and red white and blue who did debt. Don't we don't let her not the little wind and didn't jump the we appreciate your time out really do WLX three straight he called late blood money for nine make your answer to this question. Lynn Michaels thriller album in the eighties closed the classic high eighties album that produce over five top fortieth. Very high indeed. Pool. Now listen great line your lower some how many tubes of Greenhill do you still have the album album I don't know are all right and probably play you're recruit her current hot hot they're all lights yeah. I get it kept it borders on top of the needle saying how. I don't agree that we are all I got site and I did this about the so funny. Next is we need as a guest on integrate album Vicksburg a reminder must. Harry I think you'll. While that's good gas that was really good again today had taken on the run Cuban not quite not quite five hole W all like some Marines strayed too late 11949. For your guests to question other than Michael Jackson's thriller album McCleon classic eighties album that produce over five top forty hits actually topic Michael's thriller all the sure. We're under the legal Eagles so no nothing from the Eagles in the eighties did you Russell isn't it gets here it feels like the Eagles were always but always we aren't always roam around W ball screen straight to a water and 19 point nine thanks for college or just today question. Peru's Brady being born in the U Andre that is it my. Fukuda yeah well then how was this a gas or did you look it up we are no greeted everybody Brigham and apparently won't look at it. I got the album it and can't and it's not really I. Extra credit I didn't even ask for up to. You're right he was seven hits on that themselves.