Brain Strain

Thursday, March 9th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W oil export on the morning brain strain for this morning's Greg dancer will give you full bragging rights of workers school all day and appeared tickets to see Joseph Jackson joined twice first. At capitol theater. Question this morning in your lifetime we will go through 100 feet of the it's 1400 feet in a lifetime to a 11949. For your. Correct brain strain response Ed WOMXWR. It's very strange too late one when they're before and I don't go through a hundred feet and this in your lifetime. What in the heck are talking about are you worried potty waste pool. Bomb flour or not kuwaitis the cut the crap that two away 1134 dine her every street price didn't want to listen there you go through a stick in your lifetime one news. What are toilet paper and that and while every kind of on the same. Thing Wayne go. You're like that. Yeah you're you're answered as always brilliant. So state you buddy. You have your days try to stay out of trouble hook up. A lot of trouble got a jump from one to another PI at the Dennis steadily under nitrous oxide only notable and all the naked chef at. W a whole thanks to a 1194 guard for your brain streamed to answer we got to this question to go through a hundred feet this in your lifetime but it. What are we talking about that toilet paper and look at how little common answers over. Not at all. Good answer good answer the W Orleans green street call 2811949. If you know the answer to that question to go through a hundred feet of the senior lifetime. We finished middle of thank the good people to go to Palo. You ski mask you know true to me want one not before nine for your brain strain answer. The question he'll go through a hundred feet this in your lifetime what are honors could that be you know it'll. Think the couple. Meager meals at is that correct. That is Greg a 150 girl and oh good god it's a good thing returned home after hope's hundred feet of you get that. But it worked for plus a bonus last week. We. It is steady and is wearied. Of regards to all the well at least it was a conversation worth listening to congratulation that at FTI. Terry I never have to worry Lars grown outlook as we do is Umar fortunately I'm not happy yeah. The program graduate his to a number of assets. Yeah yeah.